Riding White Rabbit In the Cold Environment
This is a picture of me riding a white rabbit in the cold environment. There are trees at the top left, mountains at the top right, and there are hills covered with snow. The sky is blue, and the trees are green. There’s also a windmill that is used to generate power for the village inside the protected forest. I’m riding the white rabbit, Julia for fun. and she is hopping across the field.
This bunny is a gentle bunny with a power to give me rides in my dream.

Welcome to my dream blog, and this is my dream journal about my dreams what I had each night, within this site; I’ll share you these dreams what I had each night. Whether if I had a fictional dream that is in fact… a dream about fairies, or something similar.

Feel free to explore my dream blog, and think about these dreams what I had for some months, or years.