Riding My New Toy Dog In My Dream

This is my another dream that focuses on riding toy dogs, and this dream is based-on a place where I live. Although; this dream what I had is kind of fun, and this dream is extremely interactive.

A Toy Dog What I Am Riding

It’s a gold poodle that is large enough for me to ride her around; wears a gold collar, and she has AI to go anywhere, and it’s intentionally manufactured for adults to ride with a children’s format.

You ride it by climbing on her back, and hanging on to her collar.

This is a dream replacement for my furniture for my apartment.

She can magically come to life as a real poodle to ride with a larger proportion.

The Story

It starts off when I was working on my PC, and I saved a copy of my books what I was writing.

I decided to get ready to go outside, but there’s a a new toy what just appeared in my apartment. It was a ride-on dog, but there’s a leash that is included.

So, I hopped on this toy dog, and start riding her instead of walking her with a leash.

I ride her out of my apartment. These passages are wide, and it makes it easier for me to ride my toy down the hallway.

Although; I discovered my neighbor, Mary in my dream. Well, she does own a real poodle.

However; this poodle what I was riding uses a same form factor of these poodles what I am riding. There are other dogs what I was riding via most dreams what I had years ago.


The hallway is based-on Johnstown Towers in Salina Kansas.

A toy what I am riding is based-on a children’s toy.

This dream like most dreams what I had has magic built-in.

A couch is replaced with other toys.

You walk around in this toy to make it go. Designed to be comfort as possible,–just like riding a real dog.

This is a future prediction when system age discrimination towards adults has been stopped.

A leash is never used because, in my dream, riding a dog is easier than walking them with a leash.

Also, people in our dream world who are older must have a same treatment when buying large-format children’s toys to ride like, ride-on dogs, or any ride-on animal toys. This is necessary to keep things equal. Children’s carriage rides are excempt because, they’re not listed.

It’s like being a character in a Nintendo game of some sort with open-source software instead of Nintendo’s proprietary software. This is a whitelabel edition of this game-like environment.

There’s no church open during this time because, non-religious communities are expanding.

YouTube, GMail, and Blogger has broke away from Google,–after the DOJ won the lawsuit, and convicted Google of antitrust. Like what is happened to AT&T; Google is broken into tiny companies. Disney has been also broken up to different companies.

Japanese language is a most popular language in our dream world.

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