Why Did We Chose To Ride Rabbits In Our Dream World?

Okay, some people who were dreaming are just wondering why we chose to ride rabbits, instead of slaughtering them for meat. However; there was a battle to success when breeders who breed large rabbits for riding. And many people who swapped to a vegetarian diet as a precaution. However; this practice of riding rabbits has been evolving in our dream since years ago.

So, hop on your lagomorph; and hop into a portal of our dream world to find out the history of rabbitback-riding and how our dream world villagers fought for their right to worship this animal, and prevent slaughter of this beast.
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An Opossum Ride For Me

It was a time when I was navigating in this palace where I enjoy exploring this entire building. I was just walking normally. However; I was just navigating in my dream like normal.

There are so many of my old friends who were my former classmates when I was taking classes at an elementary school. Usually, some of my friends has chose to find places to work, and enjoy their holidays at home. Well, this palace seems like it’s tick-free of some sort.
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