Why Do We Chose To Ride Our Dogs Over Walking With Leashes In Our Dream World?

Okay, in our dream world; we have chosen ways to keep up with our animals. About 52% of our dreamers ride animals to travel around dream worlds, for this instance, riding butterflies, sheep, moths, geese, or even ducks! However; only 48% of people walk alongside animals with leashes. Also, our dream world has a large market for ride-on toy animals for everyone to start off with, targeting both kids and adults equally… 55% of these toys are now marketed to adults because, these toys aren’t just for kinds anymore. Animal-riding galleries with fake animals to ride has been offsetting costs of caring for real animals to ride. There are 24,700 rodeo establishments in our dream world. But these rodeos have a different approach, you become a rider too, and you can ride animals freely, and they also have a riding school/gallery to get you started. However; we are focusing on riding different animals other than a horse, donkey, or cattle,–or even an elephant.

So, what animal what we’re focusing on? We’re focusing on dogs in our dream world! Well, that applies to poodles, and other dog breeds what our dream world rely on. These dogs aren’t designed to hunt rabbits, catch rats and other rodents, and pull sleds like a normal dog in a real world.

So, if you were dreaming of riding a dog,–instead of walking her with a leash, and you are wondering why your dog is large enough to be ridden,–when strategically bred for this function. So, mount on your imaginary dog, and hang on tight because, we’re going to ride into a dream village where dog ownership is dedicated, and explore why these dogs has been bred to be ridden,–instead of being walked with a leash!
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