Within My Dream: Sitting Down and Ordering Pizza At Pizza Hut

I had a dream about ordering pizza at Pizza Hut in Nicodemus, KS. Comparing it to a real version in the real world, Pizza Hut is in Hill City, KS; and other towns. What I’ve liked about my favorite franchise is their customer service, and good pizza to eat. However; in my dream, their restaurant is larger, and they have epic employees who were skilled, and always interacting with other customers of any color, race, gender, or type. If I can get my calculations correct within my dream, they’ve strategically built this restaurant next to the Missionary Baptist Church close to the Nicodemus Villa. And they’ve also implemented a second level of this restaurant where more customers can sit down and eat. They’ve also implemented a green roof to help cut carbon, and grow vegetables, and reduce heating and cooling bills.

This restaurant can hold over 400 customers when full, or it can handle multiple orders at once with a larger kitchen with 2 times the amount of pizza ovens what they’ve installed.

However, my favorite franchise, Pizza Hut has developed a new strategy to run their restaurant 24/7, and serve people meals who work overnight, and supported Sierra Club, APH, EFF, Creative Commons, and PBS.

My thoughts with this dream of my favorite franchise… is kind of like being a supporter who likes pizza, and why I like Pizza Hut because, when I first had my apartment in Salina, I ordered my first pizza there, and I kept ordering pizza on a special basis. I usually order pizza when my home resources via food go down, or save on energy when cooking food on a range or oven.

The large restaurant has these following features; and these following features can range from a large eating area, and a large kitchen where chefs work.

I wished there’s a Pizza Hut restaurant in Nicodemus, KS because, that will enable people to order pizza in their own town, without needing to travel that far.

Something has gone foul: A TV Show What I’ve Watched Was Mirrored In My Dream!

There was a woman who owns a house has a large TV that sits on a ground. Well, in my dream, it may look like an ordinary TV show what you watch in the real world, but in our dream world; a TV show may be awkward, but you can still see what you’ve previously watched years ago.

I was holding a remote to go to each channel to find a show to watch.

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