From the Dream Vault: A Town With A Strict Renewable Fuel Requirement & Use Of Wind Energy… But Coal Oil & Gas Is strictly illegal!

This is a town what I’ve dreamed of since 2006! This town was a car-free town of some sort. And this is a first town where they outlawed coal, oil, and natural gas altogether. They only allow renewable fuel and wind energy. They’ve allso implemented movements to put out mine fires. These villagers has successfully won against government corruption. And they’ve also drained flooded cities to restore populations of villagers who used to live in this town. A controversial construction of a dam has been successfully blocked to protect the villagers’ only home. Since this village has been saved by activists… that caused some big energy companies to go bankrupt, and enable newer energy companies to rely on waterfalls to generate power.

This village has been pressuring the government to do the same by unflooding flooded cities, and encouraging people to build dams elsewhere for generating power.

This powerful effort of activism has caused the US government to change forever, and that caused many of the towns around the world to be unflooded too.

The bonus:

They’ve constructed a newly functional subway system that is a powerfull independent service that relies on collecting recyclable items as fares to support this subway. They don’t start off with loans… they rely on strategically saved money to start this project, and expand it to other towns that are unflooded. That caused government corruption to be reduced by 44%; but this is a minor goal, but they’re fighting for the next fight.

People who protected the mountains has planted trees, and built artificial mountains to block the sun, and they’ve also integrated buildings that are designed to be high in the sky! But these windmills has been generating power for this village up to 10 years, and counting.

Many women who protected the mountains has caused all of the coal-mining companies to go out of business. High business debts has targeted the coal industry by 77%; and that caused wind and renewable energy industries to grow big via a strategic plan.

Untold; oil pipelines has been auctioned by tax auctions in this village. And this village has been winning lots of battles.

Environmental groups has expanded by 200%. And the polluting industries has been closing their doors with a rapid rate!

This village has been promoting ways to cool our planet down for years. Saving the ice caps each day. Over $400,000,000,000 has been strategically spent to save our planet.

That’s right! Over 2000 oil, coal, and gas businesses are in debt in this village. And thanks to the big bank in this village who actually cares about our planet… the bank has caused these polluting giants to fail like a fuse in a failing power plant.

Native tribes has been restored, new food has been discovered, and new trees has been planted to remove a dairy farm that was under a tax lien up to $99,000,000,000.00. And the grazing field has been converted into a crop farm that is now integrated with a restored forest.

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