Roxanne Comes Back In My Dream

This is a dream what I currently had, and I was riding Roxanne piggyback,–the same way how I did it in 2004; shrunk back to a size of an infant, and I still remember this dream what I had for years. Well this dream what I had is a next chapter of my dream what I still remember.

The Comeback

This is dream what I never encountered before, and this dream is a next chapter. Although; I was riding fairies, and mice for a long time. However; Roxanne has arrived back in my dream,–wearing her same clothing like years ago. And I still have this power. Well my powers are just fine.

Via the real world… last night; I was currently hanging out at my apartment, and I was currently working with my text-adventure games. Well, my dreams what I remembered hasn’t faded for a long time. It’s like storing a backup of my files in the cloud.

For many years went by; viewing and watching Disney movies what I grew up with has been hardwired to my childhood dreams for a long time. Well, I thought I’ll continue boycotting the Walt Disney Company, but with all of the movies what I grew up with has caused me to reconsider Disney.

As I have a dream; I was minding my own business; working at my company… operating computers for my games what I wrote from scratch. I usually do my projects like usual.

Meanwhile; Roxanne arrives at my shop,–just like a normal customer.

Suddenly, there’s a poof of fairy dust, and I was riding Roxanne piggyback,–all without interaction. I think believing in fairies has resulted me to leave Christianity, and move on. Turns out, Roxanne still remembers me riding her piggyback in 2004.

It might be the next chapter of my dream what I had for a long time. And turns out… it’s a next chapter.

Well, she isn’t wearing her typical clothing; she was wearing a large white blouse with a large matching white skirt, and she is wearing flat white slippers. However; my dream is designed to be clean as possible, that means… no cleavage exposed, and her legs are hidden! This feature in my dream is necessary to keep sexualized formats out.


The following timeline indicates how did Roxanne appeared in my dream.

2004: The beginning

Riding Roxanne piggyback,–
4 yearsafter I lost my vision. This is a clothing what she was wearing. What I’ve just mentioned earlier; she is wearing different clothing than her typical clothing. Well, her hair is 1.5 times longer, and she is 2.5 times taller with a larger proportion. I am riding her piggyback, Roxanne is coming down the stairs. She is holding a magic wand,–using it as a cane… but that’s just a trick what she is doing in my dream. My hands are fused,–preventing me from losing grip, and my feet are fused,–making it too impossible for me to control them.


Although; this dream what I had is an indicator,–telling me to leave Christianity immediately and start believing in fairies.

2005: Deployment To A World Where Fairies Are Located

On November 2005; I was deployed to a place where people belive in fairies reside. This is a dream what I had. However; this action like believing in fairies has caused me to get some changes.

2006: Watching Movies In Some Hospital

I was watching this Disney movie, and this is a place where I was deployed to. This hospital is a known place where they tried to get my vision restored. I believe Roxanne became a nurse my dream… if she was a nurse. Well Wait a minute! How is possible for her to become a nurse in my dream in 2006?

Well, this hospital isn’t that scary to me because, it doesn’t stop me. Well only 22 nurses at this floor of this hospital.

Late Summer Of 2007: The Garden

I was riding this large fairy what I’ve chosen to ride successfully. However; I warped to the another part of my dream, and there was a fight between these fairies.

With all of the movies what I’ve viewed; that caused me to have these dreams.

With a warp to the palace; I am able to reside in this world in my dream.

Before Roxanne’s magic wand has struck; there was a battle between fairies and vampires!

Late 2008 Reunion Attempt

During the removal of vampires… driving out these vampires, I was riding these fairies, and all of the other fairies are clones of Roxanne, but different forms. They use a system of other fairies to drive out the rest of these vampires.

Most of these fairies has contributed to protecting me against vampire attacks.

This long battle has lasted up to 9 long months.

Late Summer 2010: Reuion Attempt

Unfortunately, clones of Roxanne are still present,–during the persecution of these vampires who were armed with leather belts. This persecution is necessary to protect people who believe in fairies, and enforce anti-spanking movements of any kind. I am riding my fairy, but she is still a clone of Roxanne. This is an indication why vampires are everywhere.


After all of these vampires has been killed off, all of the other fairies has developed measures to protect people who left Christianity. Dewhipping is a current measure to protect these dreams. Now, they implemented a prison to house vampires, and a psych ward to house spankers of any kind.

Roxanne has reunited, and I am riding her piggyback again.!

That leads me to a question: Why did Roxanne prompted me to ride her piggyback in 2004?

Turns out; the mystery of my dream like this has been solved This is a 17-year measure what fairies in my dream has implemented,–after I lost my vision… well, this theory is incorrect; this is a measure what nurses in my dream has implemented. Maybe a nurse has dressed up as Roxanne… my favorite Disney character, or she is considered a real deal.

Turns out, Roxanne has a kind heart in my dream, and borrowed power from other fairies to enable me to ride her piggyback. She dressed up as puppet nurses via Silent Hill,–scaring away enemies,–except there’s no parasite on her back, but she replaced with wings like a fairy.

All of the other nurses has experienced overloading, and they have no way to protect me. With all of killing off vampires, and keeping me away from church as a measure to rely on modern medicine and vaccines. Over 400 nurses implemented an alliance in my dream as a way to keep me protected, and Roxanne has joined as a way to keep me protected.

Now these days, in my shop in my dream; Roxanne makes a weekly visit, and she has deployed nurses as additional protection, keeping vampires at bay.

Prediction Associated With My Dream

However; this dream what I had… is a prediction: By late August, 2021; I will have more dreams that focus on riding Roxanne piggyback, and I will be riding my fairies for years to come. Also I’ll be a pro-vaxxer. Or… I’ll have my couch replaced with my own rocking-dog that is based-on my dream.

In 2025; I’ll be owning more stocks and bonds than I used to.

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