This is the another dream that focused on riding dogs for December 2021

This is a special dream what I’ve have, according to my bucket list. However; this dream what I had is a comeback of my iconic dream what I have during 2004 and earlier.

Riding a dog in the garden

I hopped on a back of a dog as a way to make it easier for me to go places in my dream. This is key for me to go places, and catch up with other people in my dream. However; we have to escape from a cruise ship that may be corrupted… due to incidents like cruelty to children, hypocrisy, animal cruelty, and even religious scandals.

With an exit to leave a ship via a door with a bar what you must push; that leads me out the ship with a magic poof.

After a successful evacuation; I was greeted by 2 or 3 of these friendly dogs who can speak like a person. They’re all female dogs. I’ve managed to hop on a dog to ride, and start riding away with them by going through a garden that is a grass field. However; these dogs has predicted real world events before my dream ends. And I listened carefully, despite wearing a diaper. I speak to them as I ride dogs.

After a beautiful dog ride; I was walking towards a sidewalk with a street, heading towards a house, indicating a successful escape, and taking shelter as a way to prevent cruise staff from ever going near me,–for good!

I’ve thanked these friendly dogs for giving me a beautiful dog ride, and they’ve responded, just like interacting with real people.

Maybe I’ll ride this poodle in my dream as a way to keep up with them via my next dream!


The staff of this ship are strict Christians of any kind.

The magic poof is an inspiration of a Disney movie, Mary Poppins.

These dogs who can speak is an inspiration of Goof Troop.

Scientologists are mixed with these Christians.

You can ride a dog via this island nation where they’ve succefully banned automobiles as a way to help cut air pollution. They’ve also banned coal,–for good.

A house is present to take shelter to hide away from corrupt cruise staff who often misuse mechanisms to report people who are missing. Well, this island nation has a law that prevent staff from attempting to reclaim their passengers.

Riding on a back of a dog is my current icon for my dream.

A non-Christian community cares about children and they anti-spanking laws that are active, making spanking your child a capital crime. If you spank a child, you will be facing life behind bars!

Rabbit meat is banned to protect rabbit owners.

Mountain lion fur is allowed (if mountain lions are hunted to prevent future attacks in the United States).

When American mountain lions are found to be attacking people outside their homes; Americans bring them here to this nation as punishment, such as execution. Most mountain lions executed are used for fur. They turn mountain lion meat into food for dogs and wolves.

A church where they worship white wolves is hidden below these streets.

Streetcars are still being used, but they came back to service, after a successful ban of automobiles.

Airline travel is a solution to making it easier for tourists to reach this nation.

Vaccines are mandatory for everyone.

Horses are too expensive to import, they implemented purpose-bred dogs to ride. Poodles are chosen because, it’s a preferred breed of dog to ride (being a child is not required). They put this following rituals in place: Guys ride female poodles, ladies ride male poodles. However; all poodles must consume a specific Kosher diet that only include fish veggies and fruits.

These dogs are most likely to live up to 40 years or more, due to changes to their diet, and fewer amount of puppies via a strategic breeding port located far from the edge of this island to implement island gigantism, as an oppose to island dwarfism.

This is a continuity of my 2010 dream.

About Real World Prediction Before I Woke Up

One of these dogs has prompted me to find a bathroom to prevent me from having accidents during my times of waking up. However; I took this action. However; it supposed to take place in my dream, but my dream has properly ended, and I began to wake up and do what my dream prompted me to do.

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