Why Do We Eat Japanese Sushi In Our Dream World?

Although; American cuisine is extremely rare in our dream world because, our dream world has already transitioned to a Japanese cuisine. This move has caused our dream world to have more people living longer than they used to since years ago.

Although; parts of our dream world prefer Japan because, better quality food, and life is kind of easy to manage. However; our dream world has a tight integration with both Japanese and American dreamers. This equal blend of people with this integration is key to prevent xenophobia. However; Our dream world has managed to replicate how Japanese live. With a decline sales of beef from factory farms, and a rapid decline of pork products… our dream world has caused ourselves to eat more vegetables, and eat more sushi like usual.

The Decline Of Beef Products

Our dream world has taken actions to help reduce pollution, and reduce meat production. Land-based meats like beef has started to fall as more of our dreamers eat more greens, and eliminate beef from their diet. This is necessary to help reduce risk of cancer, and other illnesses. Well, Our dream world has flown to Japan to explore Japanese cuisine as a powerful alternative to American cuisine because, they are finding ways to make any kind of meat to consume outlawed,–except for fish and other seafood. However; an early rise of vegan products has caused many meat industries to shut their doors. This decline of beef has hurt local beef farmers, and caused vegetarian communities to ride by 99%.

<3>Beef Distribution Halted After An Outbreak That Killed Previous Dreamers

This pandemic has caused our dremers who eat beef to be infected with an unknown virus that is linked to cattle being treated like trash, and they were abused, and forced to eat spoiled food that is left to rot, and be infested with insects. This factory farm was a known source of this outbreak. However; vegetarians has distanced themselves from this farm where an infaction started.

This pandemic has lasted for many years, and many people who eat beef has died the next day. Only vegetarians has survived because, they only eat vegetables. And most of these vegetarians who survived has managed to kill off infected cattle that are raised for beef. This mass culling of these animals has caused infection to be halted, but this is only a start of this action. There are over 20,000 cattle infected in our dream world. A current queen who is a vegetarian has outlawed beef production after her guards were found dead outside of her palace. Over 99 guards has died of this infection, and there was no cure for this unknown virus. This virus has obtained after eating infected beef. This meat-eating community has been wiped by 99%. This wipe is like emptying a city like this. Rising numbers of vegetarians who reclaimed this city has caused these meat-eating communities to flee from them because, they don’t have any immune to these viruses what vegetarians carry by default

This pandemic is still memorized by many of these dreamers who dodged the bullet. Only people who ate beef were infected. Eating more vegetables is key to avoid meats that are infected.

Measures Taken

Today, our dream world has taken measures to protect our dreamers from these attacks like this. Banning sales of beef is an only option. They also banned ingestion of pork, chicken, rabbit, goat, and other land meats. Now, they finally implemented mandatory intake of fruits of vegetables.

Rise Of Sushi Restaurants

Our dream world has started consuming sushi as an alternative to these common meat products like beef, chicken, pork, and other meat products. With our dream world’s ability to keep rabbit meat off plates. This powerful effort has caused many of these meat-eating towns to be abandoned as vegetarians take over. With an arrival of Japanese dreamers; sushi restaurants has popped up by 75%; and there’s no way for these restaurants to go bankrupt because, our dream world can’t resist eating Japanese food. This steady transition has caused our economy in our dream world to rise like usual. And many people started working at these restaurants and even delivered food across our dream world like a storm. These restaurants has caused many people to eat better food, and reduce waste by 99%. This action has caused many of these poor dreamers to be fed as a way to keep hunger at bay!

Sushi Production Rises

As sushi grows in popularity, many of these restaurants has encouraged sushi production. These forms os tech has caused our fishing industry to easily conserve fish, and skip species of fish that require their numbers to grow. Typically, our dream world rely on modern tech to simulate large oceans to house fish that can swim or out of these systems to access any parts of the world. However; lionfish… via invasive species is a candiddate for cooked sushi, and this invasive fish species is growing popularity for starter cooked sushi.

When sushi restaurants has rplaced beef burger restaurants, that caused our dream world to change forever. The key dreamers who made this change are Japanese dreamers.

This “seafood only” movement has caused shipments of beef to be blocked, culling of cattle farms, and culling of pig farms,–and rescuing rabbits from an illegal rabbit farm. Homeless population has shrunk by 99.9%. This rising of restaurant jobs has caused many of these dreamers to be fed by 200%; causing hunger levels to go down by 1000%. This move has caused our village in our dream world to eat Japanese style, and even eat fresher foods.

Integration With Japanese Dreamers

Our dream world begin to integrate with Japanese dreamers as neighbors, and we started to make friends with them, and managed to work together. Well, this integrating community has already reduced hate crime by 99%; and this milestone has caused crime rates to drop by 75%. This reduction of crime is linked to strict anti-spanking laws, laws that protect children from being spanked by anyone, and other strict anti-abuse laws. Most of these spankers are inside prisons for the rest of their lives. If a parent brings a child to the world after birth; a parent must obtain a license, and agree NOT to spank a child.

Anyway, with a major changes of our dream world; our eating habits has changed, and we adapted to this habit as a way to enable us to live longer. This transition has caused traditional meat-eating communities to drop by 77%.

What Ever Happened To Most Burger Restaurants

This is an interesting question what we almost forgot to ask. However; I do have a true story about a burger shop that is no longer functional. Well, this story is kind of scary, and it’s kind of weird too.

Long time ago, in our dream world; there was an attempt to lift the ban od beef, and restore burger restaurants. Only vegetarian burger restaurants are hard to find, and you must go west of our dream world to visit this restaurant, or you can make an online order to have your food delivered. However; a beef-based burger restaurant, named “BURGERS” has been built in the 1989 by converting a sold grocery store into a restaurant for selling burgers with fries and other products.:

The Beginning

During the boom of the sushi restaurants; Burgers… a generic restaurant without any association with other chain restaurants was a self-contained chain restaurant that supposed to serve burgers for a long haul. It didn’t rely on modern computers, but relied on cash as their form of payments because, they use this format to reduce costs, and many of these people has been running this shop for some time.

Only the poor has visited this restaurant to buy a burger to eat. These vegetarians has been convincing their restaurant to add vegetarian/vegan options for vegetarians, but they only rely on beef as their primary ingredient for their burgers. This company has been serving meat-eating communities for at least 4 years.

The 1993 Non-Electronic Transactions Scandal

When this restaurant, Burgers has been accused of discriminating electronic payment card holders, a judge has ordered this restaurant to own electronic devices to enable people to use electronic form of payments. This kind of a A action via a judge has caused this restaurant to pay a fine, and own expensive machines,–hoping to make a form of receiving money easier.

When Burgers has been swarming with people who use credit cards; some people has experienced fraud,–after there was an illegal transation that is linked to attempted sale of rabbit meat. This restaurant has violated a “NO rabbit meat” law,–causing them to have rabbit meat seized by our dream world police.

The 1997 Failure

After a 1993 scandal; Burgers has attempted to partner with competing Japanese restaurants, but they refused because, Burgers was involved in a scandal, and they don’t want to take a chance in our dream world. They already partnered with other restaurant chains to help reduce costs, and diversify other cuisines. However; American cuisines in our dream world were making a sort of a recovery after a sushi surge that almost wiped it out!

When Burgers begins to to lose revenue, debt begins to rise. They were trying to attempt to sell burgers that are made of rabbit meat,–after a last beef farm has gone bankrupt. However; they relied on this supplier who supplied rabbits for meat has been forced to end production of rabbit meat. That caused farming communities to be fined by 99% of their revenue. This powerful legal action has caused this supplier to face prison time.

When Burgers faces debt even further; they filed for bankrupt status. But this restaurant has been facing serious debt. Japanese restaurants has sent Burgers packing.

When Burgers has shut their doors, they left their properties behind. Many of these server companies begin to buy these buildings during an auction. They are the hosting companies who were going to host websites for people who run websites for hosting various services of any kind.

Burgers in our dream world are known to have this kind of history, and you won’t forget a scandal. With a rise of electronic payments… that caused many of these amateur restaurants and other companies to rise in popularity. Fortunately, many of these companies has partnered to reduce costs. These partners are built to last for years to come.

That lead me to this question: Why Burgers didn’t implement vegetarian burgers for vegetarians? I believe meat is their ownly brand format of choice!

Chinese Is Here To Stay

Only Chinese restaurants were left intact because, Chinese cuisine is here to stay as a choice for our dremers who want to choose Chinese as their option. You can still eat Chinese in our dream world.


Sushi is quite popular, and sushi is here to stay. American cuisines are still available, but you must find a restaurant in our dream world. Don’t assume it’s available, but you can still diversify what meals that are available to eat.

Japanese cuisine is a new default for our dream world.

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