Something has gone foul: A TV Show What I’ve Watched Was Mirrored In My Dream!

There was a woman who owns a house has a large TV that sits on a ground. Well, in my dream, it may look like an ordinary TV show what you watch in the real world, but in our dream world; a TV show may be awkward, but you can still see what you’ve previously watched years ago.

I was holding a remote to go to each channel to find a show to watch.

The TV itself displays a show of some sort, and it has a black and white format, color is rare in our dream world when watching TV. A monochrome TV was sold the cheapest in our dream world, but a color version is the most expensive. They still rely on analog broadcasting for their content, but they’ve implemented digital broadcasting to provide more channels, and that require all sets to be hooked to a special box to work.

When watching TV; any show what you remembered may be altered, and that can be a daunting problem. However; this is normal for our dream world to have altered content.

I remembered when I dreamed of watching a TV show, House of Mouse, and watching A donald Duck Cartoon: Donald’s Dinner Date… I had a dream when this show was kind of altered in my dream. Wait a minute! How is it possible for my dream to alter what I’ve last watched since years ago? That remains a mystery! And I am still researching why my dreams are unique.

If I get my calculations correct… I found out why my dream is unique:

  • Our dreams are designed to alter content, and enable us to be creative.Our brain that never sleeps works harder to duplicate what you’ve watched on TV, but it can use other alternatives to make it easier for us to remember our dreams. Well, our brain has limitations when trying to mirror broadcasted content via any franchise.
  • During REM sleep… our dream attempts to paint a world for us,–so we can do other activities,–just like the real world.

If you watched any TV show, you take in content, and picture it in your memory, your memory attempts to preserve what you’ve watched on TV. Common formats what your memory takes difficult time to render are cartoons, and 3-D images.

Your memory can still process what you’ve pictured as you were asleep.

Your dream is like a home for altered characters, and altered places.

Most likely, our dream is built to alter and render content.

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