Why Do We Chose To Ride Our Dogs Over Walking With Leashes In Our Dream World?

Okay, in our dream world; we have chosen ways to keep up with our animals. About 52% of our dreamers ride animals to travel around dream worlds, for this instance, riding butterflies, sheep, moths, geese, or even ducks! However; only 48% of people walk alongside animals with leashes. Also, our dream world has a large market for ride-on toy animals for everyone to start off with, targeting both kids and adults equally… 55% of these toys are now marketed to adults because, these toys aren’t just for kinds anymore. Animal-riding galleries with fake animals to ride has been offsetting costs of caring for real animals to ride. There are 24,700 rodeo establishments in our dream world. But these rodeos have a different approach, you become a rider too, and you can ride animals freely, and they also have a riding school/gallery to get you started. However; we are focusing on riding different animals other than a horse, donkey, or cattle,–or even an elephant.

So, what animal what we’re focusing on? We’re focusing on dogs in our dream world! Well, that applies to poodles, and other dog breeds what our dream world rely on. These dogs aren’t designed to hunt rabbits, catch rats and other rodents, and pull sleds like a normal dog in a real world.

So, if you were dreaming of riding a dog,–instead of walking her with a leash, and you are wondering why your dog is large enough to be ridden,–when strategically bred for this function. So, mount on your imaginary dog, and hang on tight because, we’re going to ride into a dream village where dog ownership is dedicated, and explore why these dogs has been bred to be ridden,–instead of being walked with a leash!

Why People Started Riding Dogs In Our Dream World (generally)

The story begins in a poor village where people who were seeking jobs to earn some money, and there was a poor family in our dream world, and they can’t afford a horse to ride. They only have a small dog in their family, they don’t have anything to carry their little baby girl, and their little baby boy. They live with other poor villagers in poverty.

This family has been rasing their dog to keep birds from entering their home, and their dog has been trained to hunt birds. When their senior dog dies, they buried their companion on an abandon farm where cattle has been killed off by a flock of birds who hunt cattle, and spread viruses. They owned a puppy, but a woman is conditioning her puppy to give her child a ride because, she has no cart to wheel her child as she travels. She is conditioning her new yellow puppy who is going to hunt dangerous birds who caused all of their cattle to die out. A collector who collect dead cattle, and burn them in furnaces used them as fuel to keep the community safe. That enable their puppy to venture outside.

When a puppy was prepared to give a child a ride, a child hangs on to her collar as a grip, an owner walks her yellow puppy to explore the place where her previous dog was buried. Although; the poor community often help to plant trees and find ways to reduce sunlight, and cool their homes from a searing sun. Well, this farmer who no longer farm cattle must revert this land to a forest-like condition. But this forest is also going to cool the planet too.

The poor family used old wooden bars to make a grid of these slots for these trees to grow with a desired configuration.

Suddenly, there was a same offending bird who tries to attack this woman, but a yellow puppy manages to jump, and bite at this agressive bird,–bringing it down, and saving this woman from a dangerous bird who killed off their cattle.

The yellow puppy keeps attacking the bird, until the bird is dead. Well, she eats it, and her rider is still riding on her back.

A woman thanked her dog for exterminating this pesky bird. It was identified as a specific bird that uses fecal matter to build nests almost on any surface. It was territorial.

Days later, a yellow puppy grew larger, and she still receives training from her owner. She is still giving her child rides, and she is enjoying giving her child rides because, she has a dedicated job. However; a tree what they’ve just planted hasn’t grown just yet, but a seed is still growing, and a seedling is here!

Years went by, a yellow puppy is now a grown dog, and she is still giving a child rides, but this child has grown larger than a child used to be since years ago. She has her own puppies,–passing down a generation of her owner’s training. However; they got the another dog what a larger boy can ride…

Meanwhile, the another little boy is walking alongside his brother who is now a dogback-rider, he has to watch his step as he explores a damaged farm where cattle has been killed off by a dangerous bird since years ago.

When a little baby boy is placed on a back of their dog, and started walking her with a leash; a little boy hangs on tight to a dog what they owned for some years. Well, this dog was strategically being trained to carry their children as a way to entertain them. Each family owns at least 1 dog, and host their own dog shows. And children ride these dogs as a way to develop a breed that is specific to give rides.

When they hosted shows that requires a ticket, they started making money with their shows. That also enable them to plan a strategy to breed dogs that are designed to be ridden by a person of any size, and it must be at least larger and stronger, and they must NOT hunt rabbits under any way.

When they received enough money, and begin to save more… they gradually roll out of poverty. They bought their breeding dog of choice to breed large dogs for riding. Thanks to a law that prohibit any dog from hunting rabbits, after villagers in our dream world began catching, and keeping rabbits as companion animals. That caused the rabbit meat industry to dwindle, and leave rabbit hunters out of their jobs, and caused them to become fishermen who were designed to fish for fish to eat. Unfortunately, hunting dogs that are designed to hunt rabbits has been barred from hunting rabbits,–causing them to starve, and die off. Many of these owners who own hunting dogs must retrain them to hunt birds as an alternative meat source. Although; these citizens who were dog owners must develop new breed of dogs, and phase out some dogs that are designed to hunt rabbits.

For some people who were rolling out of poverty, they managed to preserve large breeds of dogs for the purpose of refactoring their uses. This conversion has taken 4 years or more to accomplish their goals. They got help with dog breeders who were experts of size, strength, and capabilities of these dogs what they’ve developed years ago.

When new dogs were being bred for riding, they started off as kids riding dogs in their fair, and adults must walk them with a leash, to keep their dogs under control. This practice has been used for 20 years or more. When larger breed of dogs has been developed,–thanks to selective methods of breeding dogs, that caused this issue to be resolved,–enabling adults to ride dogs too! Well, when they first ridden their dogs, they rode them bareback, and they don’t need saddles, like horses do. These large dogs are dedicated to be ridden like a horse, but they’re also dedicated to hunt birds that are attacking rabbiteries designed to breed rabbits for companion animals, and mounts for riding.

If you take a tour of this palace where a queen rules our dream world; she owns a large dog who is ridden by her backup leaders. Only an inhouse chef cooks food for her dogs because, they found ways to keep rabbit meat off their plates. These ride-on dogs started to eat a vegetarian diet with occasional fish, and they’re hunting acts has been reduced, and they’re strategically bred to enable tourists to ride dogs. Unfortunately, tourists should only ride female dogs, that also includes anyone because, male dogs are designed to be bred smaller,–so female dogs can take advantage of becoming large dogs. Most dogs ridden by tourists are decorated with brass collars to hang on to. No carts or sleds used, you just ride them like a horse, and enjoy a ride inside this public palace.

When dogback riding became popular in our dream world since long time ago, it caused people in poverty to get transportation to and from work, and enjoy a cheaper alternative to expensive horseback-riding fairs. That caused the poor community to host their own dogback-riding establishments. However; horseback-riding is still an option for people who have fear of dogs. Unfortunately, horseback-riding is only available for people who were extremely rich.

This trend of dogback-riding has enabled poor communities to get out of poverty, and travel faster than walking a dog with a leash. Now, a leash is only reserved for training a dog to be ridden, or guide a dog to a specific direction.

To insure safety, dogs bred for guarding must be converted or replaced.

Since dogs don’t wear specific shoes like horses and cattle do, they don’t need to have their shoes changed, nor wear bridles, and chew on a bit.
Thanks to their large size, they can travel across snow without any trouble.

However; the story isn’t complete when dogback-riding communities has started buying land, and started their own community, and sold their town to the rich who is willing to reuse their town. They have to sell their town to the rich community to convert it into a large monument where the poor used to live, and draw tourists to this town, and preserve it for a long time. All of the dog-back-riding has caused their traveling times to be shorter than it used to be.

Conventional dog breeds has been preserved, and used as regular pets, and novelty companions. They’ve also developed ride-on versions too!

To prevent their dogs from being abandoned by owners, they started a pet-sharing community to enable pets to have multiple owners, and be introduced to other people. They also have pets who advertise to other community members.

However; many of these ride-on dogs has been honored for their duties of giving rides to communities in our dream world, statues for people to sit on the backs of these dogs are built to form a ritual for people who should ride dogs in this community.

Trees are always planted to honor a death of a dog,–after long duties or retirement. These dogs who peacefully died were either burned to ashes for forming into bricks for a pathway of a large graveyard, or buried in special cylinder burial planters to plant trees. When dead dogs were buried this way layers of dirt has been added to keep the dead animal in place, and provide a spot for a tree seed to grow. They center it by using tools, and they water the seed, and respect the dead dog being buried with honor. On site; they use cranes with people riding dogs to raise or lower a cylinder burial pot into the holes drilled in the ground. They use a grid scheme to evenly plant trees to plant a forest that will enable visitors to ride their dogs through the field. If you don’t own a dog, they will insert you into a wooden ride-on dog with a furry overlay, or have you ride a real dog through the field. They added a special trick to their own forest to magically enable anyone to ride a dog,–even a spiritual version who is friendly to give rides. These burial pots are designed to screw into a ground. This is necessary to keep these units in place, and they break the rims to enable water to seep through. These strategically drilled holes also enable water to flow, and provide a seed nutrients to grow like a normal tree.

These following rituals has been done to respect these buried canines who were honored, or victims of cruelty:

Event That is Critical Or Normal Ritual Description
Sniff Out Rabbit Meat That Is Trafficked/Smuggled Or Illegal Slaughter Of Rabbits For Meat Production Bury ride-on dog, plant a tree, and chant via religious prayers, and mandatory ownership of rabbits or ride a wooden rabbit, or sit on a statue of a rabbit that you can ride. This ritual is necessary to enable people to plant trees during a burial of a dog what they’ve just ridden.

Mandatory ownership of rabbits is necessary to mandate villagers to care for rabbits with a cultural manner.

If you can’t own one, or you never encountered a rabbit, you must ride a wooden rabbit, or a statue of a rabbit.

If a Ride-On Dog Has Been Harmed… Until Death Plant a tree that is at least 3 months old. If this animal has been killed by abusers, terrorists, cruel parents of any family, forced to fight other dogs, or confined to death for a long period of time, this victim of abuse must be remembered and pass new laws to prevent further abuse. If an owner is a victim of a loss of his animal, his/her dog must be replaced… while a suspect who is involved is banned from owning any animal, and also banned from riding ride-on dogs.

These rituals above are examples, but they have thousands of different rituals when burying the dead.

With all of these trees being planted. That also makes a place for gypsies to use this planted forest to practice their cultural customs. They have 4000 of them, but they have over 200,000 of them visiting this forest each day.

Over 700,000,000 trees planted, and they reached over 999,000,000,000 trees today in our dream world. These trees has also made new homes for birds, and other wildlife! That also cooled down their villages, and blocking the searing sun. Ritual of riding dogs continues in our dream world, and these live canines are now able to be ridden on demand.

This long aisle that splits the forest in half has also enable a tram to go through. That is designed to shuttle ride-on dogs from one place, to the another.

Today, our dream world has a community for dog owners via a dedicated land,–divided by dedicated splitting fields to shape nature.

To Interpret This Dream?

Follow these instructions to interpret this dream:

1. Draw A Picture Of Yourself Riding A Dog

Find an empty sheet of paper that is blank, or use a computer with a program that enables you to paint a picture. If you were using pencil and paper, sharpen your pencil before you start drawing.

Always start off with drawing a dog of any breed, or an imaginary version of a dog from your imagination. Draw a large version by oversizing, this is recommended to draw you on a dog’s back later on.

You can replace a dog’s head with something different and imaginary to turn it into a creative dog type.

Now, draw you riding on her back. Don’t oversize yourself, size yourself as you figure out how small you want to be. The key of drawing you riding on a dog’s back is the following:

  • When riding a dog in your imagination, your feet must NOT touch the ground.
  • You must be small enough.

Now, color your picture.

If you were using a program on your computer, you may need to experiment with your image, and various shapes to use, or other tools.

2. Imagine Riding A Dog

Close your eyes, and imagine riding a dog of any kind, but it can be an imaginary kind from your imagination. Don’t confuse it with riding a dogsled with your dog pulling it because, you are NOT actually riding your animal. To work around this; pretend if you were sitting on a dog’s back, and you were hanging on to her collar what she is wearing. Your dog must be large enough, but her head must block some of your view,–common when riding animals.

Give your imagination a theme! You can set any of these themes like:

  • A garden – you can virtually add any garden theme.
  • A Forest – like forests? You can add virtually any forest that you like, or an imaginary forest.
  • City – any city will virtually do.

You can command your dog to jump over sticks, and a row of flowers,–and even streams as you ride your imaginary dog.

Your imaginary dog can be any kind of dog, or created from your imagination.

3. Launch An Online Dream Journal (recommended) Or Paper Dream Journal

If you already have a dream journal, and you already have other categories on your blog; add a “Riding Dogs” category on your dream blog, and customize it with your paintings, and your other work.

If you have a paper journal, but you want to make a dedicated journal for riding dogs; get an empty book.

For websites with multiple sites; set up each website for each topic.

4. Before Lights Out

Find a ride-on toy dog that is large enough for you at your local store, or online. Alternatively, you can have someone build this toy for you, or you can build your own.

You can write a book about you riding your imaginary dog.

Find a TV show or movie that features a person riding a dog.

5. If Your Dream Matches Your Imagination

Immediately post your dream entry, and describe it as you can. If you have a paper journal; write an entry.

If your entry requires lots of writing; always take your time, and publish your content when you successfully posted your entry. You can add images, videos, or both to your entry.

6. Repeat the steps from 2 to 5.


Always hang on tight to your animal in your dream.

Be kind to your animal what you’re riding.

When writing an entry on your dream journal, your device must be in reach of you.

You can write your dream entry as you get started in the morning.

You can also find a carousel with dogs that you can ride.

Poodle-Riding Rises In Our Dream World

Have you ever dreamed of riding a poodle? I’ve dreamed of riding poodles since 2004; and 2005! And this is a fund part in my dream, poodle-riding communities begin to expand, and traditional villagers who walk dogs begin to dwindle. These villagers has began to train dogs without inducing harm what so ever. And they’ve implemented laws to prohibit inducing pain to animals when training… that also prohibit spanking animals for their cultural reasons. When people started riding poodles, they’ve chosen female poodles over males because, they believe male poodles should be walked over being ridden,–unless they can be ridden by freight-hauling communities who ride male poodles for curious reasons. Although; they’re NOT sexists when choosing which poodle to ride via gender. However; they placed these following cultural customs when choosing a poodle to ride:

  • Men must ride female poodles because, if men ride male poodles; this custom is considered unfit. Having men riding female poodles is cleaner,–unless you’re a bisexual, transgender, or any group of an LGBT community.
  • Women can ride male poodles, like a custom for riding female poodles, transgender, bisexual, or any form in LGBT communities can ride male poodles. If women ride female poodles; at least 1 man must be a riding partner in 2 ways; male as a primary rider… female as a partner rider. Or female as primary rider… male as partner rider.
  • If both male riders ride a female poodle; this custom is useful for couples with a same gender. Primary and partner rider is compatable with any age. If both females ride, and there’s no room for a male rider; at least 1 bisexual/transgender person must be a primary or partner rider. Or if a poodle is large enough to handle 3 riders, 1 male rider must be included. Men can ride female poodles too because, this is necessary to balance targeting of genders of anyone, or going neutral with gender targeting.

When Choosing A Poodle To Ride Via Gender

Female poodles are built to be ridden by general riders, and they’re mainly built for speed. When hauling sleds, a primary rider and a partner rider must at least be mounted on a back of a poodle. The sled operator operates a sled for breaking, decelleration, accelleration, steering, and stopping. When ridden and pulling wheeled carts works the same… only for warm days. Sleds are for cold days. Female poodles are also larger and stronger for long riding trips. Typically, female poodles are trained to be ridden by a person. Unfortunately, they’re aren’t trained to be walked on a leash, or use a harness to haul freight. All of these poodles can be ridden by a person of any size, 100% of these poodles are strategically trained to be ridden.

Male poodles are designed for showing, spirm management/production, freight hauling, riding, and heavy work. These male poodles are typically 2 times stronger than females because, they have a muscular build. Generally, these guys are intended to haul freight via long distances. Due to their smaller design,–caused by a breeding flaw. Each male poodle can only handle either 1 or 2 riders. Unfortunately, male poodles who were walked, and rarely ridden aren’t typically trained for being ridden by a person, but rely on harnesses for hauling freight. Only 20% of these male poodles can be ridden by a person.

Why They Chose To Ride Female Poodles Over Male Poodles

Although; female poodles were chosen because, people in our dream world has told a story about a blind man who ridden his large poodle over walking her with a leash. His poodle isn’t an ordinary poodle, she has a head of a girl, and a body of a poodle. Her head may resemble a young girl, but it resembles a mixed-creature. Her nose is rounded (rotated upward), blue eyes like a rabbit, 2 front teeth like a human, long white hair, light skin, white fur, long legs, long body, tail with a large ball tip, medium paws, and she wears a silver collar with a diamond charm hanging from it! His wife who was a breeder has been strategically breeding large dogs for riding in the future, smaller poodles were her previous versions. As his wife begin to enable villagers to adopt their own ride-on poodles, they did the same trick what her blind husband did earlier! However; male poodles were designed to be walked like a traditional dog. Only females were ridden as a preference because of the following factors:

Superior Capabilities

When you ride a poodle in your dream, she can sync to your commands,–as long you don’t hit your animal! Their vision is also superior,–just like humans. If you take your time riding her, you can easily communicate with your animal, for this instance; you can speak to your animal, and travel at the same time.

If your poodle is able to speak to you via words; she can describe where you are actually located. She can also exchange voice commands with you. If you want to determin this; try to speak to your poodle what you’re riding, and confirm if she can speak back to you normally. If she does; she is responding to your dream. She can speak to you for a long time.

If you were trying to rock back and forth as you ride your poodle; she will go forward, and you have to hang on to her. If you want to steer; just twist your body left, or right.

She can alert you if your poodle needs to take a break from riding, if you were riding her for a long time, she may prompt you to find a house to enable her to take a break. That means she has to rest for a while, or longer,–depending on how far you ridden her. If you want to determin this; check for the following factors:

  • She may slow down, or if she can speak; she may prompt you to stop at a house that is available. If required, you may need to feed her,–kind of like giving her meal breaks.
  • If she reaches an empty house, and you can feel her crouch downward; she is signaling you to enable her to rest, and speak to her before she naps/sleeps. If you still have time; she may speak to you, and enable you to sit on her and hang on to her, you can pet her, and let her conserve energy. If she prompts you to lean forward; she is setting you up to rest as you ride her,–if short distances were set. To help determine her factors, you can check for any of the following in your dream:
    • If she crouches downward at an empty house – she is either stopping at this home briefly, she is just taking a short break, but you are still riding her like normal.
    • If she crouches downward and sets you up to lean forward – she is preparing you for a long ride. Your hands, legs, arms and feet are locked in place to keep you from flying off of her as you ride your poodle. This is a safety feature in your dream,–if you have one.
    • If she enters a house – this is common when she takes a meal break.

    If you refused to hit your animal over pooping in your home, and you used non-painful training methods, and refused to yell at your animal, your animal may do the same. For this instance, you pet her for executing (or carrying out) your commands, she may gradually gain trust from you slowly. Unfortunately, these poodles are 4-legged animals, and they won’t pet you back, unless a special version has this capability. Our dream world prohibits any rider from hitting their animal because, they once arrested a Christian dog owner who owned a bulldog for animal cruelty,–after a citizen of our dream world reported an issue when trying to ride a ride-on bulldog who refused to give rides because, she was abused by her owner.

    You can Style Them

    Not just they come in many colors; you can style them too. This practice is kind of rare, and it hasn’t reached the rest of the villagers just yet.


    Poodles are quite popular in our dream worlds because, they’re popular on carousel rides, and other amusement rides. However; in our dream world, all of these female poodles have a head of a girl, and a body of a poodle. Like in my dream in 2005; I’ve ridden a poodle on a carousel once! This ritual has been preserved at this home where you can ride a carousel either for free, or just $5.00 per 10 whopping rides. If a poodle what you’re riding goes up and down on a carousel; you are honoring a ritual of riding poodles. They do come in different colors like white, pink, red, red-orange, violet, and a rare black poodle… a developed experimental breed for riding too.

    If you ride a poodle in a garden, you are passing a field of flowers that are designed to feed villagers each warm season. You are also heading towards a park where people ride poodles freely. Anyone can ride these female poodles,–as long as African-American/colored communities do the same, and integrate with other people. This park was once a power plant that was demolished to make room for a new park to take empty space. Windmills has been installed to enable our village to rely on wind energy, and reduce costs of living in our village.

    Female Poodles Don’t Produce As Much Odors

    They don’t give off much odors like males do. They don’t stink that much, as long as you give them a bath on a regular basis.


    Like real poodles in the real world; they’re low in maintenance, and they can be trained like a normal dog. In a dream world; they’re ride-on type poodles, and you don’t need a leash!

    They’re responsive as you go up and down, rock back and forth, steer, and speak when you ride your poodle, responsive capabilities is key to riding your dog via this type.

    Can be mixed to other dog types.

    Comfortable when riding… hair cushions you as you ride her for long distances, or long riding sessions.

    Virtually in any color,–depending on how your dream is formed.

    A leash-free experience, full control, and full interactivity.

    Used as ride-on therapy animals.


    May be expensive to own these large poodles. In our dream world; caring for 1 large ride-on poodle can rack up to $20,000 daily. Thanks to people who managed their money with a responsible format… they mastered efforts to keep costs low by offering paid rides in our dream world, or people owning fractional ownerships of these animals. If you want to be an owner, you must purchase a dedicated fractional share. A whole share can set you back $200.00.

    Large mounds of manure to pick up. This is necessary to dispose manure with a proper format like converting it to fuel to generate power.

    Requires owners to ride them on a regular basis.

    Bulldog Riding Rises For Show Events

    Although; these bulldogs that you can ride aren’t trained to guard homes; they were used for shows. Unlike riding poodles, these dogs were dedicated to perform on stages, and in fairs. However; these trainers strategically trained these large bulldogs to be ridden by entertainers who ride these dogs.

    Like riding poodles; they have the same customs set, and they train them without inducing pain.

    If you imagined riding a bulldog, you are most likely at a fairground with other people who enjoy rides. Although; riding a bulldog has a higher price because, it requires lots of training. If you want to ride a bulldog; it may cost you $25.00 per rider, and you must use a simulator,–before you ride a real dog.

    Like riding poodles, they have advantages and disadvantages. Bulldogs have specific advantages. When giving them breaks, they have a different approach than poodles. However; I haven’t imagined riding a bulldog, and finding out their capabilities, and how do they take breaks between riding events. If you dreamed of riding a bulldog, you may need to figure it out yourself. In my opinion; they signal you if they need a break from being ridden by you.

    Maybe if you were riding a bulldog, and she needs a break, she may signal you with the following:

    • If she can speak to you, she may prompt you to find a barn inside a fairground to park her. You may need to manually ride her into a barn to socialize with other bulldogs.
    • If she only barks and pants, listen to her patterns of barking. She may reach a nearby barn.
    • If inside a nearby barn, she may crouch, and prompt you to dismount her, and let her rest for a while. if she rests longer, she can “reset” herself, and get ready for giving people rides next time.
    • If you were sitting on her back, and she is already crouched to the ground, and she can still give you rides, she may need to stop, and enable you to wait for a short time because, she is taking a short break. However; you aren’t able to dismount at this time. She has inserted locking units to keep you remain mounted.
    • If she needs to rest, she may crouch inside a barn, and signal you to dismount. This is necessary to prevent your ride-on bulldog from being overworked. She is also heading towards a place to eat food to replenish energy.

    Up & Coming… Riding A Boxer

    Unfortunately, further in our dream world; riding a boxer, a breed of dog hasn’t been reaching mainstream because, our dream world has been trying to diversify dog breeds owned by people in a dream world where dog owners are dedicated to thrive. If you ridden a dog like this; and you are figuring out these capabilities, you may need to dig further.

    Well, I haven’t dreamed of riding a boxer because, my dream hasn’t processed this image of this dog breed at this time.

    If you ridden a boxer in your dream, most likely, your memory may be set to ride dogs in your imagination.

    In Common… Riding A Labrador

    Although; this is common in our dream world; if you were dreaming of riding a dog, your default breed is a Labrador, this is common in parts of our dream world. But this breed is typically walked on leashes by our people in a dream world, and real world. However; larger versions of these dogs has been ridden in fairs, and carnivals in our dream world, and they come in many colors, like black, yellow, gold, and brown.

    Why This Is a Default Dog Breed?

    This is a simple dog to ride in your dream, they usually pop up when you interpret a dream involving dog rides.

    If you want to help determin this; you can inspect your dog what you’re riding for the following features:

    • Real-world features
    • Color
    • Response delay
    • Other dogs (optional)
    • Look in a book about a same dog type as you post an entry on your dream blog.


    • This is a common dog that can be virtually sized for you to ride. This is common if you interpret dreams like this!
    • They can be mixed to other breed of dogs. Kind of like art in your dream.
    • Can be trained like other dogs.
    • Multiple uses


    • Takes time
    • May require more interactivity in your dream.
    • Colors are random
    • Random sizes may occur
    • Requires specific interpretation to establish this breed with a desired combination.
    • Requires you to keep a journal/blog to keep your dreams in sync

    Rare Riding On Great Danes

    Typically, in our dream world, riding Great Danes are rare because, you only find these type of dogs in parts of our dream world where dedicated dog owners own these large beasts. If you ever travel towards a town where it has beautiful buildings restored, you won’t find children enjoying rides on these large dogs… if you want to ride them, a ticket can set you back $400 per ride. And that requires a dedicated owner to maintain his/her large animal.

    However; Great Danes are still trying to catch up with people who prefer to ride poodles. Unfortunately, you only ride a great dane,–if you only interpret a dream that involves riding this type of this dog. If you never did this before; you have to find a book that is a match to your dream what you’re trying to interpret.

    The main drawback when riding this large beast is their design, and you must use your imagination to resize your dog what you’re riding. Also you have to deal with your mount who may take up your space on your couch.

    If you are small enough; you can control this dog like riding a small pony, or donkey, but size of this dog does matter. However; this type of this dog is a large dog.

    This is why Great Danes are rare in our dream world:

    • Large dogs like this one costs more to refactor as a larger format.
    • Shorter lifespan than any other dog type.
    • Expensive to reformat for riding,–requires multiple generations to establish this format.
    • Manure collected may be priced higher when used as fuel for power plants.
    • Tax considerations


    This breed has the following advantages for people in our dream world who ride this dog type:

    • Children who attend fairs ride conventional Great Danes for a fee of $.75. However; each ride can take about 6 minutes. As a prospective, each 6 minutes via this $.75-ride can ring up $7.50 for a total of 10 rides. However; these rides are usually rotated with a set of 9 dogs. For their ability to be ridden by a child to be established; they need training,–ranging from birth. However; fake versions for adults are available. That offsets costs of offering rides in our dream world.
    • Dreamers who were end up converted to dwarfs for “dwarf therapy” within our dream world can take rides on this dog, but they need to be comfortable with any other dogs. Unfortunately, they don’t have camps for people who never been around dogs before.
    • Any person via any gender can ride either male or female dogs via this type. This is the total equal preference for some dreamers who want to have a broad selection.


    • Short lifespan
    • Higher costs
    • Mandatory taxes to pay when owning this breed of dog in our dream world
    • Requires trainers to train from a small puppy as a way to insure precise training

    Manure Used As Fuel

    Most manure has been recycled to help reduce unwanted odors from building up in parks. Dog manure is converted to fuel for power plants to generate electricity for running subway train services when wind energy isn’t strong enough. This ritual has started when people started burning dog manure as fuel for boilers on steam boats, steam trains, steam pumps, steam trucks, public steam heating systems, home steam boilers, industrial ovens to cook mass quantities of food, and running clean water plants. When citizens recycle dog manure; each ton of manure worths up to $25 from private residential homes, $100 from breeding facilities, $2,000 from public parks, and subway services, etc. Manure prices are priced via grade,–key for running a profitable village or government. Almost over 200,000,000 tons of dog manure has been recycled as fuel to displace coal-miners and regulate sales of coal.

    When the coal mine was left with only 20 miners; it was officially reconditioned for nature to take over. Remaining deposits of coal is collected for safety precautions. To help prevent accidents from happening, the mine is strategically flooded after cleanup. But other mines are strategically converted to subway tunnels for running fast trains.

    Riding Dogs Is Pass Down By Generations

    In our dream world; these poodles what people ride have a long lifespan, longer than an average human. When these animals take breaks on a regular basis; they can pass down generation of being ridden by humans, that also applies to other dog types what I’ve mentioned above.

    Over 200,000 poodles are owned by a group of people. They share ownership of these animals to help cut costs of owning a single dog. Also in our dream world; they have the largest natural dog graveyard with over 200,000,000 trees planted to honor a female poodle who given the most rides. However; individual owners who once owned these ride-on poodles have received a spring-rider of their own poodle what they’ve owned,–after a death of their ride-on animal. But not just these poodles were honored for being ridden by humans, other dogs are honored too!


    Fun for your dream.

    No need to add a saddle.

    No bridles needed.

    No need to use a dogsled.

    Prefered in our dream world.

    Riding a large dog is like riding a giant stuffed animal.

    No need for a leash.


    You must enter a dream world where a diversified dog owners reach when dreams involving dogs take place.

    If you have fear of dogs, it may not be right for you.

    Like all dogs for riding in our dream, it costs our dream world $700,000,000,000 monthly.


    Riding dogs may be fun in your dream, and you should try it!

    In our dream world; you should always choose a dog to ride,–before you have fun. If you were a person who has a dream of riding dogs, and you wanted to keep a log of your dreams, create an online dream blog, and write it down, and share it with other people around the world.

    Not all dogs in our dream world are the same, expect slight changes.
    Here are the important guidelines when you ride a dog in your dream:

    Don’t Hit Your Dog:

    A Bible, Quran, or any other religious content doesn’t give you a reason to hit your animal. If you hit your animal, your animal will NOT give rides under any circumstances.

    Also, in the dream world; be a gentle human who wanted to ride animals. Think like one, and try your best to interact with your animal. If you refused to hit your animal, your animal may trust you overtime.

    This is why you should never hit your animal:

    • Your animals may develop fear of you as a trainer.
    • Your animal will brand you as an enemy. If you were an elephant trainer who rides elephants; your elephant may betray you, and turn tables against you. If this happens, you have a nightmare. In the real world; many mahouts died of elephant-related attacks because, they used cruel training methods to force elephants to give rides to people,–all without any food to eat, or care via a licensed vet.
    • If you forced your animal to give rides after hitting; she may eject her riders. Just like a bull elephant who was abused throws his rider. Bull elephants can be scary when abused by mahouts, even cow elephants can be scary too!

    No matter how angry you are; you should never EVER hit your animals being trained to be ridden by a human! Unfortunately, Christianity, Catholicism, Mormonism, and other religious groups still condone this practice, even cultural practices has been linked to animal abuse of any kind. It’s okay to ride your animal after training it, but DON’T HIT!! Don’t give up on 1 try, keep trying until you succeed. If you take your time when training animals to be ridden, and you don’t hit your animal for a period of 22 years or more; your animal may trust you, and in some cases, your animal will do the same to you.

    Give your Animal A Break:

    Always give them food/nap/rest breaks, and care for your animal after riding, just like you care for a horse after riding in a real world.

    When you give your animal long breaks, and let her rest, she may “reset” herself, enabling you to ride her again,–later on. The longer she rests, the more energy she will replenish. If she has a dream, she may learn from you riding her. When she wakes up… she is ready for her next duty. It’s kind of like rebooting a computer during opening times of your shop.

    When you feed your animal during breaks, always give her enough food to eat. If she has a greater supply of food; feed her on a regular basis, fresh water to drink is also important.

    Socialize with your animal on a regular basis.

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