From The Dream Vault: The Fairy Village

This is a dream what I had since 2007; this village is kind of like a real version of a fairy-based community. This community has been running since the 1900s. However; it has a major upgrade with a retro look, it has a car-free environment, and it has a strategically redesigned structure, and it has a strategically protected community that prevent terrorism from spreading.

When I first entered this village, I was automatically a new villager. I don’t have my own fairy just yet. I have to go to a large garden, or a large building to find me a large fairy. However; this village has a few fairies in it, but it doesn’t have an open area for other fairies to fly.

As I entered the large building, I encountered this large home has a set of tables arranged for fairies to perch on. And this place is kind of dim, and it has few people in it.

I was the first to do the same as fairies do. I have to keep my balance as I walk along these tables that are now set as paths for fairies to run along. And it’s kind of like running along the elevated structure. But this structure has been strategically built to repurpose these tables for amusement use.

As I finally reached the main part of this village, there are many fairies flying in this village. I have to walk long distances to find other fairies. I don’t have wings to fly, but I have to find a fairy suitable for me.

This village is kind of a large city, but I have to take my time as I explore it.

As I reached the edge of this village, I can able to reach the subway system where they’re launching trains to the another village to populate this town being repopulated by people who were trying to restore humanity.

This place is kind of like a new stable nation of some sort.

As I reached the another village; I kept exploring. And I was on a quest to find a fairy to ride.

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