A Fairy Introduces Me A Ride-On Mouse… Based-on My Writing Category

This is the another arcade where I was finding a game to play. But I always decided to ride on any of these kiddy rides that are bigger than they used to be since a few years ago!

A fairy did the right move when I wanted to find me ride to entertain myself as I wait for a game to be open for me. Most fairies have their jobs to grant wishes within my dream, but they did remember how I got inspired by these kiddy rides.

The Story

I was magically placed on this ride. It features a large white mouse. When coins has been placed into this machine by a fairy, the ride started. It started after it told me to “hang on tight… here we go”. It has a female voice of a mouse-like accent,–just like a british woman who still has a young voice, or an actor who is doing a script of some movie. However; its hard to tell if this voice is a young girl, or an actor who is using her voicing skills.

The rocking motion has reselted me to be remain relaxed, and calm. Maybe I was volunteering as a tester who is is helping the pysician test this therapeutic ride that was made from used revived rides that was used to be rented by stores. I believe this ride is going to help the abused, the neglected, and the raped recover from these traumatic events. Since I was the first… these fairies has taken photos of me riding this ride for the newspaper.

I continued riding it… and the unit prompted me to insert more coins to continue.

What Does It Mean To Me?

Since I had a dream of riding fairies since years ago. These fairies has prompted me to ride a mechanical mouse for the purpose of giving these fairies breaks as a way for them to do other tasks.

Since I was riding on kiddy rides for a long time… it reminded me to be inspired, and create something new,–based-on what I just did years ago.

This therapeutic ride unit should be featured at therapy sections, psych wards, and recovery centers.

Bigger versions of kiddy rides means: Better quality, sturdy, and its better. Bigger is better!

Since holidays are coming up; that reminds me to get ready for the holidays.


This ride has a design of a mouse wheel at the side of me as I ride this machine.

I’m riding a white mouse. And she’s a fancy mouse.

This arcade takes place in this hospital.

The ride is big,–not small!

A movie was mentioned in my dream!

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