A Dream Hero: Fairy Protects Me From Falling Into Subway Tracks!

Close call! This mansion has been built over a subway system where running trains are active. I was minding my own business, riding a toy poodle that is build on a large pedestal that can bare the weight of a 275-lb. person. I was enjoying my fun as I ride this toy. All of the other fairies has been working with me for some time,–after I lost my vision since June, 2004; I remember what objects look like. Thanks to my memories for a long time… I can easily picture what these objects look like.

Unfortunately, a bad fairy has poofed me to the another location of this large mansion. And the fairy queen has chased a bad fairy from one place to the another. All of the other fairies has been demanding this bad fairy to poof me back where I was. However; she refused, and she was flying out of control.

I was walking around the mansion to find the toy what I was riding earlier. I need to walk and walk to find it. Many of these fairies has been helping other people who were dreaming has notified the entire village,–regarding an issue with a bad fairy. There are some bad fairies who were involved in misuse of their wands.

Suddenly, I stopped at the edge of the elevated platform with a fence for protection. And there was a kind fairy who discovered me stranded at this platform… Due to me shrinking constantly; she has to safely escort me across the tracks to board this train. But this train looks like a row of cars that are built like something in some science movie. This train requires you to open lid to board it.

The train begins to pull away, and I have to balance and stay at the stable part of this car. And what I realized, she used to be a police officer, and she is set to be an undercover secret agent. And she is the admin of this subway system! A previous administrator has died since days ago, and they’ve been trying to keep this subway service running like normal. Donations up to $20,000 has been received to help cover costs of their previous administrator’s funeral costs.

Suddenly, the train has stopped at this station, enabling me to escape.


This is a parody of the New York City subway in New York City.

Those are the rails what the fairy has crossed, each set of tracks has its own power rail.

The toy what I was riding was a ride-on toy poodle. It’s also a parody of a kiddy ride,–except it has no motor.

The bad fairy has been chased by other fairies. This is almost a parody of some movie what I’ve used to watch since years ago.

The mansion is a parody of a Croft Mansion in most Tomb Raider games, but it has a modified cellar.

The elevated platforms resemble a waiting area as you wait for a train, but this fence for protection against falling is kind of short, and it can be difficult to watch your step as you traverse across it.

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