From the Dream Vault: A Mega-Sized Church

If a Christian church, or a group of churches expand to a church-exclusive mall, how strong these religious groups will be. And this is the another church that is linked to the another church that is fairy-based. And this church is kind of like a revamped version of this town.

This church has been receiving lots of items from a supporting group. And this church is expanding like a city. And they’re still expanding. About 7 pastors has persued agreements to integrate all religious groups to their entire church unit being combined to a large church like a giant religious town. There are 44,000 Christians, and other religious groups populated this experimental town.

The pews has been implemented as mobile pews to cart members from one section to the another inside this big church. This big church is kind of like an exclusive location in some village where they’ve successfully prevented a construction of a dam. This is necessary to keep their town for years to come. And most of the natives who fought for their land has successfully sued a power company for trying to rob their land.

This church is so powerful, it outperformed a former mosque next to it.

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