Riding Poodles Compilation: Merry-Go-Round With Poodles Replacing Horses… Riding A Large Poodle In A House… And More

Have you ever had a dream of riding a poodle, instead of walking her with a leash? Keep in mind… some of my dreams are from the past, and they don’t contain any erotic or fetish views. And all dreams what I had lack erotic content.

November 2004: Riding A Spring-Rider That Is A Fake Poodle… But She Has A Head Of A Girl

This is my oldest 21st century dream what I had when I was 13 years old. I was lucky enough to ride this spring-rider that is designed like an entertaining toy for both children and adults. And she has an ability to speak, but she has an ability to handle her rider that long. She has red fur on her body, a tail with a ball tip that is firm, she’s large, her hair is long, she has a red-orange nose, and she wears a gold collar around her neck. The springs what she is mounted on is strong, and it can handle heavy riders. It’s a red-orange spring that matches her color.

I started shifting my weight to make her come to life. I don’t remember riding on spring-riders since I was very young. But I’m trying to bring back my oldest times of childhood to unbox my classic playtme favorite. Since I can balace good… I can able to be entertained as I look around this large room of this mansion. Almost all of these other people are jealous because, I’m the only person who will start believing in fairies. But other fairies are also jealous,–due to my complex imagination.

I started speaking to her as I ride her. And she speaks back to me! It’s kind of cool when she comes to life in my dream because, this is one example of interacting with these toys in my dream. This is my first experience with my dream like this! I can shrink, I can use elevators, and I can open doors. But the toy what I can ride in my dream can speak like a real creature. And she can describe what’s around me. And why she did it? Because, she wanted to be fair with other people,–that can also resolve issues… such as: getting stranded at any place.

When I was poofed to the another location of my dream, I was exploring this large house, I have to be extra careful when I take a closer look of this house. Maybe the another person is taking a turn, or the fairy who first came to my dream has packed it up, and she got a picture of me riding a toy like this.

As I try going to the another side of this house; I discovered this house was linked to the a subway system that was being revamped because, all tax money has been received by tax payers like you. However; the rich as paid twice as much taxes than the norm via our country, and supported the poor, and the disabled. Maybe this family has this ritual for years.

Unfortunately, I experienced difficulties navigating in this system, and I can’t see where I’m going. But I kept shrinking, and shrinking! And that lady who may be a large fairy has found the way to get me to the otherside of these tracks. But these trains what they had don’t have any normal cars.

She has to rely on these flat cars that are oddly-shaped for me to exit the subway system, and I have to run with this lady,–after she locked the flat car in place. Other fairies has spoke up for me because, my vision was gone, and they’re doing their job right!

I believe these train engineers has implemented platform screendoors to help me cope with my vision loss that is serious. But there’s no problem of having a subway station below your home. Maybe the rich has specially ordered their own station to help them catch the train faster.

As I reach back to the place where I was last warped; I discovered the another spring-rider, but this one is a normal horse, but it has a lever to raise it up, but it doesn’t make it larger. Maybe these bad fairies must’ve been involved with a scheme with other bullies outside of a dream world.

Luckly a good fairy in my dream has supported my cause, and preserved my time of fun.

Just wondering how I shrunk? A fairy has did her work.

2005 Late Winter: Riding a large poodle outside towards the garden

Like my dream what I had since 2004; I was riding a realistic version, but a same format via my 2004 dream, I refused to leave her behind, but keep her. One of these fairies are still owners of her, but they always take care of her at all costs.

I managed to keep riding my dream’s iconic creature. And the fairy has prompted me to keep riding her,–until I’m ready to change animals. Maybe one of these fairies has got me started with believing in fairies.

Somehow; I changed to a different animal, I believe this fairy has a new power to turn into any animal

This format is still the same when my dreams what I memorized has preserved the format successfully!

Large Merry-Go-Round With Poodles Instead Of Horses

I was warped to a
special palace where a carousel was installed as a portable amusement ride. It was installed at the unused room where it used to be a liquor shop. But they discontinued this shop because, they switched back to tea for the purpose of preventing addiction.

Within this room; this merry-go-round has a set of pink, red-orange, white, and violet poodles that you can ride, this ride is for everybody because, the rich has the goal to stop discrimination of age, size, height, and weight. This is a right move for their customers because, they wanted to make more money, and pay more taxes like other citizens.

I managed to get on a ride like this! I decided to ride a large white poodle on a carousel that is located in this large palace of some sort. Maybe a fairy has warped me to the palace,–based on my art project. I can feel the rise-and-fall of this animal as the carousel rotates. This ride really works, but there’s no music playing at this time. They do have a good heating system running because, this ride runs indoors,–enabling this ride to be running anytime. Maybe I virtually made a wish, but the fairies who were trying to get me started with believing in fairies were working on a project.

Maybe the rich has been building a carousel since a year ago. But further research is still being conducted for additional information about this carousel.

2005 Summer To Fall

Within my dream; there was a fairy-like character what I was interacting with. She’s white with gold hair, and she wears Chinese clothing. She was a fairy who turned into an animal once, but one of these fairies has discovered me in the elevator,–breaking the spell. In fact; the spell was already broken by me! And it saved a fairy over 22 minutes breaking the spell.

Other fairies has failed to break the spell, but only 1 fairy who is following me has broke the spell. And she is the only fairy who spoke up for me. Since I ran out of powers… this fairy can still turn into any animal. Unfortunately, 4 other fairies who were fighting has been captured by the fairy queen for neglecting the fairy-believer. Since I haven’t fully converted to believe in fairies… it takes additional time for me to fully believe in fairies.

Many other fairies has been trying to revert me to walk a poodle with a leash, but their effort has failed as quick as a flash. Since my new power is kind of unique, I had a new format for my system… that enables me to ride any animal, or character in my imagination at any time.

Riding the another poodle on a merry-go-round

This is the another carousel what I’ve ridden that has an array of different animals, and characters. This ride is also built by the rich who already paid taxes for our government.

This ride has some magic features built in as I attempt to make a careful swinging motion,–getting the ride to start. This is an experiment what I’m doing! I also made a wish as the ride starts. I can see the same windows what they had implemented to let the light in, and let the heat in. This carousel room has its own dedicated heating system that is designed to keep the room warm in the winter.

This is my shortest dream what I had. Short dreams are rare.

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