Riding A Fairy Compilation: Riding A Fairy In A Large Palace… A Swing With Fairies To Ride On… Riding A fairy In A House… and More

This is my compilation about my dream about riding fairies. Maybe I shrunk in my dream, but this dream what I had is kind of complex; but you may had these dreams too,–if you had a dream about fairies too!

Early Spring 2005

I was in this house that is located somewhere in Kansas. This house may be a parody of a place where I used to live. There was a fairy who is larger than me. And she is kind of like a fairy-like creature, and she isn’t human at this time. She is kind of a slender fairy, but she is taller than me. But she is missing a pair of wings. It could be a fairy who don’t fly at all! But I’m not for sure why she wasn’t born with any pair of wings.

She looks almost like some fairy what I never seen before! But she is kind of friendly to me. She wears a pink shirt that simulates fur, and black pants that also simulate fur, but most of the fur simulation came from wool via rabbits,–except for their skin because, most of these rabbits who lived on a breeder’s farm raise them as pets, service animals, or wool. No rabbit is killed for pelts because, prohibition of rabbitt meat has been established to protect all rabbits.

This fairy doesn’t wear high heal shoes, but flat shoes because, she believes flat shoes are better. And she can balance correctly on the ground. Unlike most fairies; she is the only fairy who don’t wear high heel shoes.

Although; this fairy can poof in any minute, and I have to find a way to keep up with her. I do have options: Hold her hand, and wear an engine pack, or wear a winged suit. But I came up with a solution… for me to keep up with this fairy, I need to do just 1 simple trick: Ride a fairy.

If I wanted to ride a fairy, I have to figure out how to fly her safely. This is necessary for me to fly with her without inducing any pain and suffering.

I mounted on this fairy to try out riding my first fairy. She can balance her rider without any trouble. This is a good news because, she has responded to my systems without any effort. Most fairies in my dream didn’t have this feature. But only one fairy has this feature.

It’s still a mystery why this fairy has no wings at all. But not all fairies can fly because, some fairies are heavier, and they’re built to navigate on land.

June 2006

I was in a theater, holding a magic wand. I was about to make a fairy appear. It was my turn to do a magic trick. This is necessary for me to have some time to launch a fairy what I want to ride and fly, this is a good place to do some tricks.

When I worked the magic wand; the fairy has appeared without any trouble. This is necessary for a fairy to appear with my preference. And this is necessary for me to act quickly. Like most dreams, you have to act quickly,–if you wanted to do any activity with other fairies.

The way how the magic wand launched a fairy… its starts off with a beam of silver fairy dust that is visible. The visible fairy dust whirls around the stage, and enables a fairy to appear. It’s a silver fairy what I launched without any effort!! This trick was successful, but the wand has used up all of the fairy dust.

When the fairy has started to fly without any effort, I can feel the pull of this fairy going up.

Late Summer 2006

I shrunk, and I was warped into a palace that I never been before,–after I experienced believing in fairies. But the only way for me to keep up with these fairies… is by riding them. However; this isn’t a fairy that is too small. But she doesn’t fly.

Here I am, I’m visiting this beautiful palace that has glass rainbow windows, beautiful white walls with a pink tint, LED lights, long hallways, and there’s lots of beautiful fairies who lived there. The carpet flooring is pink, and the tile flooring is tiled with glass tiles.

There was a large fairy what I discovered walking down the hallway. She was about to fly. However; i’m aren’t able to fly at this time because, I’m the newly arriving member who wanted to be a fairy-believer.

As I ride this fairy, I can explore the entire palace faster because, that takes lots of effort for me to navigate by walking.

As I explored; there’s a built-in laundry center, rooms to sleep in, and there’s a built-in theater.

Unfortunately, this fairy has stopped at this room where my grandmother is located. Maybe she’s watching a movie about fairies. The good news is: I ridden my another fairy who is strong enough to handle her rider. Other fairies didn’t have this feature at all because, they are traditionally small.


I was walking in the garden with my friends who were planting plants for the entire village. And I decided go on an adventure to find a swing set that is going to entertain me. But I have to find the swing that will enable me to entertain myself.

I walked… and walked… that’s some exercise as I make a long trip to the another side of this garden. The scent of these flowers has gave an ability to drink tea later on this year.

As I reach the swing, I decided to ride on one of these fairies.

I started riding a pink fairy. This pink fairy wears a pink dress with an apron, white stockings, flat silver shoes, and a shiny cap that gives her more like an animal-like appearance. She made a sound as I ride her. The swing itself was making a sound by default! This swing was used to entertain children, but adults has also ridden it too. It was used for a movie set, a therapy riding toy, and it was used by many fairy-believers who were trying to fly with other fairies.

This fairy was a right size for me! But I decided to ride the another fairy on this swing set.

As I started riding the another fairy on this swing set; she starts to come to life! And this is my dream that ever processed a fairy like this. And I kept hanging on tight,–until my dream is working its way to the another scene.

2008 winter

There was the another fairy who is a controllable fairy what I can ride! This fairy ws a happy fairy who is warping me into a game-like experience. This experience was almost restored when I was riding this fairy who is family-friendly. She makes her really speacial, she is wearing a cap that is pink, and she is almost like a fairy who isn’t human at all! She wears a pink dress with an apron that has flowers, white stockings, flat blue shoes, and she wears a purple ribbon that keep her hair to a position. She’s white with red lips, and pink cheeks, and she has shiny silver eyes, and she is a fairy without wings. And she greeted with a 2-word statement or something: “Super Mary! A fairy.” Wait a minute! How this is possible? I believed I played a game,–before I lost my vision.


Late Summer to fall

This is my iconic dream what I ever had when I was trying hard to believe in fairies.

When I was warped into this palace, I was about to move in as I get ready to settle down. Although; this is the time when I was currently writing books in the real world. However; I’m still mastering my way to keep up with these fairies. Somehow… these fairies got larger than they used to be since a couple of years ago. These fairies are kind of like different creatures, but these fairies don’t have any wings because, these are special fairies who don’t fly.

So, I mounted on one of these fairies.

She starts to go forward, and speak to me. I respond to a fairy who is speaking in English UK (without foul words). I can see other fairies lead the way.

Where we are actually at? We are at this beautiful large house where fairy-believers live. Like a normal house, there’s an owner who runs this place,–except this owner is running a service for the fairy-believers to get together.

Meanwhile; I heard my mother being placed under a psychiatric hold,–due to her body language what fairy-believers condemned as foul, and cruel. They take anti-spanking compliance extremely seriously! And there was a large ambulance bus parked next to this large house, and the nurses who were teaming up with the paramedics were about to take my mother to the psych hospital for evaluation.

Almost all fairies who lived in this house has discovered me as a native fairy-believer who is trying to convert into a fairy-believer.


A 2008 dream what I mentioned earlier is almost a parody of a Nintendo character, Mario. I used to play this game before I lost my vision. I remembered this game so much because, I grew up with this game.

A 2010 dream what I mentioned is almost like a movie for real, and this is kind of like a camp for some people who wanted to make a movie of any kind.

A 2006 dream what I had is a reference to a magic show for vollunteers of all ages. This is also a reference to a magician who made a fairy appear.

The another 2006 dream what I had is a reference to a palace that takes place in the United Kingdom, but it has a USA feel to it because, it relies on a 120 volt power system. The very end of the hallway with a room that leads to the another room where my grandmother is… that’s the reference to my grandmother who is watching a movie on a cable service.

A 2010 dream what I had has these fairies dressing up like nurses for some reason. Maybe these fairies has been trying to make an ad for some hospital, or something. However; these fairies has been dressing up like a puppet nurse from a Silent Hill game what I watched since years ago. And my dream like this has a parody of this character,–except they don’t have parasites growing on their backs.

This ambulance bus that was parked has 2 floors instead of 1. But these paramedics has been trying to wheel out my mother who is may be gone out of control when I was deployed to this camp.

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