From The Dream Vault: A Dream that Speaks To Me – Who’s Speaking As i Take A bath?

This is my memorable childhood dreams what I have since 1997; and it was based-on a same place where I used to live. Like an apartment in Miller Avenue in Brooklyn, New York… ehowever; this dream what I have is kind of funny, and I’ll tell you a story about this dream what I have since years ago.

I was just mapping out an apartment like usual, I was thinking about taking a bath soon, and my mother isn’t here, but she is at work at some facility far away, or across the globe. My sister, and my brother has been deployed to foreign countries. Well, I was also deployed to Europe, but they added a 120V system for American settlers who are being deployed to other countries during a review of the USA.

I entered the bathroom to get ready for a bath like usual. This is a bathroom with a sink, a vintage bathtub, and a tankless toilet that uses a simple pipe system. The light is white, but it’s a long lamp. The controls are located on a wall, and it has 2 dedicated controls. The top is used for the shower head, and the bottom is used for a spout for a bath tub. What I saw something strange… there was a cassette recorder mounted on a wall, replacing a toilet paper holder. Maybe they phased out use of toilet paper, or prefer a system that uses a jet of warm water to wash up.

Suddenly, I heard a voice speaking to me. It sounds like a male voice with a mouse-like accent. I was about to take a bath. But I decided to explore, and find out who is speaking.

I played as I bathe, I can see a cassette deck at the back side of a tub. I was trying to get music playing on this device. It was kind of a simple device, but it has a different method of loading media.

I pressed the EJECT button to open the door, turns out the door didn’t tip down like a normal machine, it opened sideways. “The tape doesn’t go on this side, said the voice, explaining to me, “it goes on the other side!” I slide the tape into a device. Wait a minute! This is funny!! Turns out this machine isn’t the same as a real machine in a real world, but it does have some amazing engineering. Maybe a company has developed this device to trick a person with a new trick.

i revert back to bathing, and I was playing in the water. The voice knows what I’ve doing. This is kind of fun to me, almost like in a movie of some sort.

Suddenly, I discovered a different deck on a device, and the door tips down like normal, but the buttons are missing, what I encountered, is a girl who has the buttons with her, inside her hands.

She scrambled and abruptly put all of the buttons back in. Well, this is not the deal! This is just a teaser device, or a teaser system.


The cassette player in my dream is a parody of a Disney branded cassette player what I used to have. It has 3 buttons, and it has a spring-loaded lock switch.

The other player deck has these buttons similar to a vintage cassette deck.

The girl in this bathtub is still waring clothes, but she was working with a light system, or something, and she was wearing her common swimming suit like a pro diver.

The bath tub is a vintage version.

It takes place in Europe, but 240v is standard for electrical services.

This apartment is based-on an actual apartment where I used to live.

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