Inflating and Riding A Large Rubber Ducky

This dream takes place in an apartment where I’m currently living in. I was proud to unbox my all new inflatable large rubber ducky to ride on,–as a way to turn my living room into an arcade, and make my apartment look unique. However; my apartment is dim, and I can virtually enjoy myself making new videos on my website, and writing blog posts like a blogger who writes a large journal.

Earlier, I was waiting for my package to arrive as I write my journal on my Chromebook that is currently still working. I was proud of my work on my blog because, I have new visitors who visited my website for newly published content. Well, other bloggers who were reading my content were jealous because, I can write extremely long posts.

Suddenly, there was a knock on my door, it was a delivery lady who is delivering my large package to me. She said, “This is for you, and you bought it at our store online, and looks like you are setting up an arcade.” I walked towards the door to get my package, I have to take it slow because, in our dream world; our legs don’t work as much in the real world.

As soon as I open the door; I signed on a device as I get my package.

I started an unboxing video as a way to entertain others on YouTube.

I make a video as I unbox my package.

I inflated my new toy.

I tried it out by riding it.

It was fun!


The apartment in my dream matches an apartment via a villa where I live in Bogue, KS.

This is a yellow duck with an orange bill.

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