From The Dream Vault: Big Bank Vault and the Teller

This is the dream what I had since a long time ago. And it may look like it came from a fictional movie of some sort. And you’re NOT going to believe this!

It was 2005; and I was in this city, and I’m about to enter the bank to check my account to varify if my money is still in good standing,–due to a recent data breech. And the bank is cracking down on terrorists who were trying to rob them of all money. They’re implementing a giant vault that is so strong, and you have to go underground to enter it! It takes a long time for me to reach it, and the teller is there.

The teller has told me a news about my account that was about to be hacked, but my account is just fine because, I implemented ways to protect my account from these robbers. Other customers has been trying to get their accounts back. And The government has enabled the law enforcement to go on a mission to extradite the Muslim terrorists who were involved in a largest hack ever!

Me and the bank teller has given us a tour of a large bank vault that will be functional in the future,–and it will be running in 2018. If this vault is strrong enough to hold lots of money, this vault can serve the entire bank without any effort. It is a local bank, but this bank is still growing, and it survived multiple economic crashes,–and this bank is so difficult to go down because, all of the financial responsibility!

The bank vault internals were blue in color, and it has lots of bolts driven to metal, and it looks like a safe on steroids… and it has one light available. And it has good air circulation. Exactly how large the bank itself; is a large bank building that can host an array of services like, credit cards, banking, billing services, debit card services, and more. About 22 tellers can run each floor of a bank, but the cellar is totally secure,–keeping bad guys out.

This bank was made of 100% recycled standing buildings that were strategically rebuilt by stripping the outsides, and refactoring the entire building. Like a building getting a renovation… it has its native heating system preserved, and left intact, but it was running better than it used to be since a few years ago.

The bank itself is still expanding, and they’re taking environmental protections seriously, and protecting the planet from the polluters around the world, and preventing terrorists from attacking the USA.

They also take money laundering seriously too! They do care about the USA because, they wanted to comply with local laws, and prevent terrorism financing, and put out mine fires in Sentraila,–saving our planet.

Appearance Of A Bank Itself

In this city; this bank has its own roof garden, and it has the largest green roof ever built to facilitate home for the birds, insects, and plants that will naturally feed animals to help them thrive for years. The green roof has series of plants that are designed to capture carbon by 100%. It’s high as 20 stories, and it has a high surface area,–making it look like a giant bank itself. It has bricks as a main building material, large doors, high ceilings, superstrong heating, via a cellar-based mechanical floor with series of boilers, a dedicated cooling roof, and a large set of elevators inside. The inside of the bank has a usual banking departments that are used by everyday people around the world. There’s an ATM machine included, 4 elevators, and a set of services included with this bank,–just like a mall!

The internal flooring is tiled, and it has a diagram of a superstrong vault designed to withstand a powerful blast that can blast other vaults by other bad guys.

The bank itself also have living walls that is installed on the sides to trap CO2, and release oxygen. The walls are strategically built to help withstand the strongest storms.

What if we had this local bank like this?

If we had this bank like this for real,–based-on my dream; that will be a secure bank in the USA! Although; this bank is too difficult to describe, but the bank is kind of amazing.

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