Why There Are So Many Linux Computers In Our Dream World?

Everywhere you go, you see lots of open-source software in our dream world. Typically, our dream world rely on Linux computers for gaming, business, development of software, publishing, and more. There are no Macintosh computers in our dream world, and Windows-based machines are extremely rare in our dream world. Only Linux has a larger market share as a way for our dream world to save up money and reduce debts as fast as possible.

If you were still wondering about this issue; ride your dog, rabbit, mouse, rat, or even your imaginary cat to explore our dream world where Linuxmachines are everywhere!

Demise of Windows Computers

Our dream world has started to adapt to using Linux as a way to remove Windows from their towns andcities because, they believe antitrust is a known issue, and they decided to ban Microsoft products from being distributed to our dream world. Our leaders of our dream world has chose Linux as a safer alternative to Windows. However; many of our villagers didn’t know about a bad OS, Windows. Typically, Windows is closed-source… while Linux is open-source. Most of these villagers were prompted to turn in their Windows computers to get Linux specially installed for them.

This spread of Linux installs has increased by 200%; causing Windows to fall in doom! This mass form of transition has caused many of these developers to reshape their software, and relicense their works like erupting volcanoes. If you were a Windows user, you must switch to Linux for protecting your privacy during these days. However; in the 1990’s a Linux rush has been started,–after Linux has been developed. That caused many people who make movies to give back to communities, and caused costs of making movies to fall down like rain. However; this rush has caused people to try out this open-source OS, and that caused many of these stock markets to be extremely resistant to hacking, viruses, worms and trojans.

During the Linux rush; computers at local stores were sold without Windows installed; instead, they have Linux installed or left with an OS for a customer to install Linux on a later date. Over 400,000 villagers has joined a Linux rush to purge Windows from their machines, or trade in their Windows computers for a Linux computer for free. Most of these Windows computers are recycled as a way to make new computers, or rebuild them as Linux machines. That caused our dream world to ban villagers from buying Microsoft shares, this ban has caused many of these villagers to strictly find ways to reshape their entertainment companies.

This huricane of Linux transitions has caused many of these energy companies to quickly reduce costs of living, theaters presenting movies like normal, piracy levels to fall beyond 1%; underground subways reduced fares, farmers growing more vegetables and crops, reduce automobile traffic, and more. This reduction of energy levels has caused many of our villagers to live easy.

A year without Windows has caused many of these businesses to struggle because, they’re dependent of Microsoft Windows, but Linux transitions has caused new jobs to appear. With Linux, vaccines are affordable, and there’s less need for traditional security software that may be flawed. Linux is secure by design. However; This rush has caused over millions of machines to use less energy, and run faster.

When the rush has reached the final phase; Windows is now a rare OS in our dream world. Well, Linux is now a popular OS, and it caused many of these struggling businesses to experience debts, and losses.

The BAN of Microsoft Windows

After our dream world has been familiar with antitrust laws, and Microsoft’s violation of antitrust laws… our dream world has banned Microsoft Windows altogether during the late 1990’s… before 2000. Weak antitrust laws in the US has caused our dream world to make antitrust laws extremely strict,–at least 400 times stronger than the US currently has. Linux users has rallied for efforts to keep Linux as a default OS for our dream world. However; many of these Windows users who are critically at risk of being wiped has tried to fight back for Microsoft. This fight has caused many of the police officers to cause riots and angry protests because of Linux has killed off Microsoft Windows by 88% majority. This OS ban has caused many of these Linux users to experience more freedom than Windows. Most Linux computers has received older hardware with newer hardware with larger RAM up to 128 GB or more… while Windows only have 512 to 2 GB of Ram. Segregated services has caused Windows users to experience difficulties with internet and networking. This modern day OS segregation has caused people to leave Windows and migrate Linux as a way to get more freedom. Unfortunately, unsold copies of Microsoft Windows has been flooding stores, and Linux computers are flying off store shelves because, costs of manufacturing computers has dropped. However; DOS machines has came back, and many varients of Linux distributions has been developed as a way to enable people to choose which Linux OS to choose. Making toys has caused toy shops to sell more products, or ship to libraries for anyone to check out.

When Microsoft Windows users has shrunk by 100%; that caused Windows computers to be officially extinct. This extreme ban of Microsoft Windows has caused our dream world to easily prevent terrorism and money laundering. This Linux rush has caused banks to lose less money, and reduce fraud risks by 400%. This kind of protect what Linux offers has enabled credit card companies, governers, airports, seaports, railways, hospitals, and shopping centers to reduce risks of malware, and even protect user data. This village in our dream world has also wrote about a transition to Linux as a way to help keep more of their money than they used to.

Before extinction of Windows users; Windows XP with requirements to activate an OS via a product key is the only way for these endangered Windows users to keep their software from being pirated by crooks. However; these activation servers has been blocked because, our dream world has imposed a block on Microsoft products. These Windows users often have less money to keep living for a long time.

As 1 last Windows user’s computers were serious infected; they must migrate to Linux. This is the last of the Windows users who were officially extinct. This rush has caused unpurchased copies of Microsoft Windows to be left on store shelves. That’s when Computers with Linux installed get purchased with phase 1. These machines begin to fly off shelves.

PCs with Windows already installed were left on shelves, or have Windows replaced with Linux. That’s when copies of Windows were left unpurchased.

About 10,000 Linux computers begin to be sold in masses, computer makers has experienced more money to save when they have enough money to improve their factories and other roperties.

Years went by; not even 1 copy of Windows has been purchased; these discs begin to experience damage by elements like any form. Prices begin to drop as these discs must go.

Linux installer discs for transitioning to Linux begin to pop up and fly off the shelf. Windows discs were recycled as coasters for tea cups and coffee mugs.

Linux machines has caused web services to migrate to cloud as a way to store content online.

Restaurants begin to receive more security and safety. Food prices begin to fall slightly. Jobs are created.

Schools begin to reduce costs.

Emergency services begin to handle legitimate calls.

Water treatment made easy!

Years went by; breeding animals for keeping as pets is made easy.

Gun violence falls by 99.9%.
Electrical work is made easy.

Postal services made easy.

Navigation is made easy.

All of that cost reduction has caused many of these companies who were dependent on Windows to go bankrupt.

Debts begin to fall by 100%.

Linux has flooded our dream world with freedom

When Linux computers has reduce crime rates, and censorship. Freedom has caused many of these computers to use internet with privacy. However; there is no wonder when Windows will return.

These gamers who use Linux are able to game with ease.

These freedom-enabled OSs has caused streaming costs of content to go down loke waterfalls,–enabling companies to keep a majority of their revenue and reduce debts.

Why did our dream world intentionally censored Microsoft Windows?

This is our dream world’s effort of prevent viruses and malware,–and prevent antitrust. This ban of Microsoft Windows has caused our dream world to keep a majority of their revenue. With Linux, no product keys, no licensing fees, and no activation is required. Linux is so stable, you can run it for a long haul.

Linux is easy to use, and it’s suitable fpr programmers like amateur software developers, and professional software developers. Thatalso helped law enforcement keep more revenue without needing to rely on Windows.

Children are able to experience more privacy with Linux because, parents can prevent malware from infecting their machines.

Arcades can keep 100% of their revenue, and offer online arcade games to play for free, or with ad-free experience with a membership that is optional.

Amusement parks are able to have larger rides for both kids and adults.

Movie theaters are able to display movies with privacy enabled.

Implementation of copyright, trademark, trade-secret, and patent taxes. DRM-free experience has caused some content providers to struggle… with Linux, DRM-free content providers has started to make more money, and jobs has been added.

Old hardware has came back.

Flight is made easy. Air traffic is made easy.

Going car-free is now easier than ever!

Animal conservation has made easy.

Meat production has been halted by 100%.

Very less waste!


Windows is officially banned in our dream world. Linux machines are everywhere. However; virtual machines has enabled former Windows users to use Windows inside virtual machines, but they must have a pass to use Windows.

Windows has been an extinct OS in our dream world.

This powerful transition has left some of these old outdated Windows discs on store shelves. These discs were collecting dust each day. For some of these discs, they’re been recycled as other products.

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