Subway Trains Compilation: Colored shaded train cars… Subway Station Underneath Home… And More!

Everyday in the large city… we take subway trains to go from place… to place. If you been on a subway train before, you are most likely to have a dream of taking a subway ride to any place where you are actually going, but some subway trains can be functional.


I have these dreams about these subway train stations that are located underground. There was a platform where it was located underneath this home. I have to keep my cane gripped at all costs when “mapping out” this large building.

Unfortunately, I lost grip of my cane, and it fell into the tracks… and that’s when the train that is parked at the platform is actually starting up. I believe there’s a sensor that detects fallen objects. But if I can get my calculations correct, this train station was being upgraded to have newly installed platform gates that will prevent objects from falling into the tracks.

I explored the subway system that is revamped many times, and they’re getting all of the abandon platforms revamped with a subscription-based model of transit. That means… this subway service is going to have passive income, and rely on membership payments for helping their subway service last for a long time.

I found the pinbal machine where I can play these games. This machine was so old, but it has these working features. Like a modern machine… it has a series of sensors for the ball to strike these objects inside. Maybe the subway system was using this device for years! And it still works like a new machine.


Have you ever seen this rolling stock cars for the subway like this> They’re white with a lower shaded strip.

I was going to some camp one day, and I was about to reach my favorite camping town where people can learn about this town that was used to be a basic town in the 1900s. This subway transfer station is restored. And these train cars were colored because, this underground transit service has been celebrating their victory after they kept terrorism out of their system, and they’re been outraged,–due to the destruction of the twin towers. Sadly, Islam has been banned from their subway service. And now; they’re protecting the churches from persecution.

One train has a pink strip.

And the another train has an orange strip.

Do you wish these trains like these exists in the real world? You can suggest a subway service to develop them.

This dream what I have may be a parody of a recent subway train in New York City


i was going to the another camp,–after my mother died. This subway service is taking part to help me get my funds returned back to me. These advocates has been speaking up for me because, they discovered my mother didn’t give me a penny to thrive in my own apartment. These people has prompted me to board this train to keep me hidden because, that’s the only way to travel in this village. Like a large subway system… it has series of trains. And they also have underground living ports. Maybe these transit employees has supporting the homeless, and the abused children for years. Traditional foster homes weren’t available because, high levels of abuse has been brought to light.

Thanks to these people who spoke up for me… they implemented anti-spanking laws that are designed to protect our children from threats.

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