From The Dream Vault: A Soft Plush Fairy At School

Please Note: This dream what I had is a parody of Kansas State School for the Blind.

When I was in a history classroom, taking history class; I stumbled upon a plush fairy what I never discovered before! It is a fairy doll all right, but its a large soft format. Maybe its a public domain fairy of some sort. She was sitting on a counter,–next to thesink. My teacher told me about this fairy doll.

This lady has been teaching history since years ago. Since she has collected this fairy doll for me… she believes this public domain toy was being shipped to me as I was asleep. But I’m not sure why this fairy has appeared. The school what I was in was kind of celebrating “Fairy Day” or something! Since this school was large, it has lots of buildings than normal.

Here’s what I discovered as I take a closer look of this fairy doll:

  • She wears a pink dress
  • She has wings that are clear
  • She has red hair.
  • Since this fairy doll was shipped to this school… it was accidentally dropped off at this room since days ago. But other fairy-believers are taking a closer look why there was an issue with their members of the temple not doing their job right.

    Since I started believing in fairies since 2006; this dream what I had was kind of relevant. Thanks to finding books about fairies.

    There’s no wonder why these other fairy-believers has failed to keep up with new fairy-believers. Maybe these bigoted fairy-believers has been removed from the temple someplace. But the good news is… other fairy-believers has parked this fairy doll to position where I landed.

    Did you had a dream about this toy what you discovered at school? Let me know at the comments below.

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