From The Dream Vault: Big Giant Can Of Lemonade With Weird-Looking Fruit

Wow! What the freek… this is a dream what I had since 2004,–after I lost my vision. Within this dream what I had since years ago; I’ll explain what dream did I had,–focusing on a giant can of lemonade with weird-looking fruit floating inside it.

The Story

It was the time when I was about to get me a drink. Me and my brother were just going into a kitchen one day to get ourselves a cup of lemonade. It may look like an ordinary giant can of lemonade, but these fruits that are floating in a circular form. There’s a white fruit, a yellow fruit, and an orange fruit.

He stirs the giant can of this drink to enable this drink to establish some fruity flavor to modify lemonade into something unique.

This is a repeat dream what I had since years ago. And this is my longest dream what I ever had since years ago.

This drink was originated in a giant silver can without a lid. It was full to the point where it will not spill when being stirred. This clear liquid makes it difficult to figure out what kind of drink is it. The rounded fruit has been floating in this unit because, they’re used for enhancing the flavor of this shared drink itself.

Maybe this drink was being shared,–after my mother is ordered NOT to abuse any of her children. And that is a serious mandatory order of a court. And unlike other drinks what my mother has hid illegally… this shared resource has been left open to the entire building for the purpose of teaching my mother a lesson why abusing a child is illegal.

However, this drink was maintained by one of the people who run this apartment building. But I’m not sure how this drink was made in my dream.

However; this drink what I tried out was so good, and it was made by many people who lived in this building.


The can is silver, and it has no logo.

There is only 2 large lemons in it floating.

The white fruit may be a new kind of fruit discovered by some villagers in my dream.

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