An Opossum Ride For Me

It was a time when I was navigating in this palace where I enjoy exploring this entire building. I was just walking normally. However; I was just navigating in my dream like normal.

There are so many of my old friends who were my former classmates when I was taking classes at an elementary school. Usually, some of my friends has chose to find places to work, and enjoy their holidays at home. Well, this palace seems like it’s tick-free of some sort.

Suddenly, I was riding a female opposum. She is a white opossum with shades of gray, pink nose, long white hair, and she has a long pink tail.

It starts off when I was just minding my own business, getting ready to take a tour of a micronation where people restore the forests of a former nation that collapsed,–after terrorists has been deprived of oil and other supplies. Well, I did have my passport… but I have it packed with me. Turns out a friendly opossum manages to hold my passport for me as I ride her.

However; this opossum has encountered my mobile phone ringing an alarm clock, I tried to press the “Dismiss” button, but it took me some time to stop the alarm. Well, this opossum has never seen my device before!

Later; I was continuing to get ready to board a trolley to enter a micronation; I was wearing my ride-on opossum costume what I won in my dream. They believed an opossum what I was riding was the first to be ridden by a person.

My Thoughts

My thoughts of riding an opossum is kind of like riding a plush animal who is taim.

My thoughts of my dream offering me a ride-on opossum costume to ride is like winning a free costume to wear.

I was still young in my dream, and they believed I’m only as young as a little child. Maybe I was drinking tea rarely.

Maybe this friendly opossum has given me an opossum ride as a holiday present. I was kind to her. No hitting to force her to parse commands when riding her!

Why Did This Friendly Opossum Gave Me an Opossum Ride

She wanted me to proof I’ll never hit animals when riding them. I refused to use a whip or or any tool to induce pain. In fact; an opossum what I’ve ridden trusted me. And she warped me to a different location of my dream. That’s when I was wearing a ride-on opossum costume.

She wanted to use me as a guinea pig,–to figure out if humans can ride her. And I was a candidate for riding an opossum. I hang on tight as I ride her, and I begin to speak to her.

This is one example of why I was riding kiddy rides, and I managed to interpret dreams involving riding animals.

An opossum ride encouraged me to avoid hunting animals as a sport or obtaining meat to eat. This ride has also prompted me NOT to rely on any pest control services because, vegetarians don’t need these services.

This marks the 26th year spand of me going towards vegetarianism. This ride has been introduced to me within my dream is a way to help save our planet by NOT owning automobiles.

What You Should Do After An Opossum Gives You An Opossum Ride?

Plant a tree, and choose to save our planet. And don’t forget to apreciate opossums because, they eat ticks to prevent disease from spreading.

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