Why Did We Chose To Ride Rabbits In Our Dream World?

Okay, some people who were dreaming are just wondering why we chose to ride rabbits, instead of slaughtering them for meat. However; there was a battle to success when breeders who breed large rabbits for riding. And many people who swapped to a vegetarian diet as a precaution. However; this practice of riding rabbits has been evolving in our dream since years ago.

So, hop on your lagomorph; and hop into a portal of our dream world to find out the history of rabbitback-riding and how our dream world villagers fought for their right to worship this animal, and prevent slaughter of this beast.

After Riding Dogs Has Been Successful

Although; poodles what we ride in our dream are shared by many villagers who care for them. However; the poor villagers who can’t afford dogs, or people who prefer a different animal has chose to refactor their farms to farm their animals for riding. Typically, horses are too expensive to own because, these animals are owned by the rich who ride horses. Only the army ride horses because, they can run fast.

When poodle riding stocks in our dream world begin to climb higher than normal; that caused a dogback-riding industry to climb. All of that poodleback-riding what we’ve relied on has reduced our walking expenses and reduced use of leashes. What’s mentioned within why we chose to ride poodles over walking them with a leash… that enabled blind people in our dream world to ride their “seeing-eye” dogs without needing a harness. A market for converting dog manure for fuel for boilers has caused this village to thrive, and last longer. We’ve been taken poodle rides for granted!

People who were vegetarians start breeding rabbits for riding and become a cheaper alternative to owning a poodle by owning shares. These vegetarian villagers who don’t EAT meat enjoy the following perks like having pets and plenty of animals to study. However; some vegetarians eat fish because, they implemented a “fish only” law to prevent other animals from being slaughtered.

When these villagers first owned rabbits as pets… instead of being treated as livestock for meat; they get to own rabbits. They’ve retrained their dogs to protect their rabbits against rustlers who steal rabbits for meat. However; they didn’t get help from other villagers because, a minority of villagers only eat fish and seafood by 22%. However; this isn’t a start when they started apreciating rabbits as citizens just yet. It started off as a fight for their rabbits to be raised as mounts.

During the times when meat-eating communities are a majority; there was a family who only ate fruits, nuts, vegetables, and fish; these villagers who were also fishing for setting up their food inventory has used techniques to survive the frosty environment. One family refused a diet of roast rabbit, and other rabbit meat products… they decided to adapt to eating more vegetables, and go fishing. Well, these villagers has never seen a family phasing out rabbit meat before… unfortunately, this is a vegetarian family who believed eating rabbits is unclean and cruel.

Then comes 2 families who were taking part of adaptation to help survive longer and live longer. It took some time for some villagers to learn from a vegetarian community who own rabbits as pets. However; they trained cats to kill off birds who prey upon rabbits, and they also trained dogs to keep predators at bay like bears, badgers, foxes, raccoons ferrets and even snakes.

As a rabbit farm for pets and mounts begin to grow; they’re only started off as typically-sized rabbits what we know in our real world. However; many breeders has studied efforts to ensure if all villagers develop immunity to common viruses and diseases what most animals spread. Vaccinations has been implemented to help prevent illnesses from spreading. Our dream world was ahead of vaccinations to help our villagers live longer.

Accidents do happen when their rabbits accidentally bite their owners, but many owners don’t hit their animals because, they believe hitting animals is cruel. For this instance; a Christian man who was accused of spanking his rabbit has been sentenced to death by lions during the era of Christians being persecuted. However; these villagers has begin to develop laws to protect rabbits against slaughter and abuse. Our dream world hasn’t worshiped a rabbit as a religious animal at this moment.

When more villagers begin to rapidly go vegetarian, they decided to go on a quest to expand to other lands and develop resorts to diversify with other rabbit owners. However; it takes dedicated villagers to gradually diversify with other people who wanted to worship rabbits. These villagers must act fast because, these meat-eating villagers are designed to eat rabbits. However; there are ways how villagers who eat vegetables has managed to protect their rabbits from being stolen by rustlers who smuggle rabbit meat to illegal markets.

During the time when nomads kept migrating to new land to establish protection for their rabbits against being eaten… they managed to kill off predators who prey upon rabbits. It was necessary to kill off predators because they’re pests. However; many rabbits who served these villagers for their services what they’ve provided like therapy animals, weed control, and even assist people with providing manure as fuel for fire inside metal stoves, and even starting-fuel for their furnaces for working with metal. If a rabbit dies, villagers strap themselves to statues of rabbits and ride around a large palace, and bury dead rabbits in graveyards that are aligned with a grid. If they chose a flat land without trees; they plant 4 trees per dead rabbit. This ritual is necessary to provide blessings for a rabbit who worked with these villagers. However; rabbits only live up to 10 years because, of their diet, however; they implemented a fix to enable a rabbit to live longer, and enjoy long lives. This strategy is still in the works in our today’s dream world. They’re early strategy is to hire special animals like bats to eat potentially unwanted insects from biting their rabbits, and carrying dangerous viruses. They’ve also taimed opossums of any kind to keep the tick levels down by 99%. If you were about to own a rabbit with a dedicated ownership; you must spend at least $200,000 for a treo of rabbits. You typically get 2 does; and 1 buck. This configuration is necessary to enable breeders to breed rabbits with other rabbits to develop mixed breeds. These villagers often buy fractional shares to offset costs. It takes a whole share to own at least 4 rabbits, 3 does are always prefered; while 1 buck is prefered when owning 4 rabbits.

Development Of Ride-On Rabbits

When a new breed of rabbits has been developed; cowboys hired children to ride rabbits because, they’re only small in size. This is a start of this era in our dream world. There are only 2 breeds of these rabbits. However; those are the early version of these rabbits for riding in fairs, and amusement parks. These strategically-trained lagomorphs has been bred to have strong bones, and powerful muscles. Unfortunately, female rabbits are chosen because, male rabbits are intentionally bred via a small mass to give female rabbits a chance to enjoy a large body, but this breed of rabbits are the earliest developed since years ago. Other farmers who trained rabbits for riding keep track how large their rabbits are growing.

Then comes large rabbits 200 years later; many people who own fractional shares share ownership of rabbits as a way to enjoy riding rabbits. If you are a blind person; you are required to ride a doe rabbit because, your eyes don’t work. Although; rabbits can give you a bumpy ride like usual. Why this law is required because of the following conditions:

Blindness Condition Mandatory Requirements
If your eyes can work You still need to ride your rabbit… at least once a week
Class C: Your eyes can still work Required to ride a rabbit… at least twice a week.
Class B: Your Eyes may work or visual issues Requires you to ride a rabbit thrice a week or all times.
Class A: Blind Requires you to ride a rabbit all times

Rabbitback-riding shares begin to catch up while dogback-riding is still mainstream in our dream world. This is the most popular ride shared across many of our villagers. Vegetarians who ride rabbits has learned to get used to a bumpy ride. Men ride does, women ride bucks. For couples riding does; a man is always close to a rabbit’s head. Riding buck rabbits aren’t possible because, they’re only small in size. Female rabbits are prefered because, they can have almost a heard of rabbits who are dedicated to be ridden by people. Almost 99% of blind people rode rabbits. White rabbits are bred first, then different colors because, they have to sort by color, and classes. Class A breeds are always large in size because, blind people need enough space to ride their rabbits. Special quilts are used to keep riders warm, and rabbits are specially trained to navigate across icy fields, and even help fishermen evacuate from sinking ships when storms come. However; these rabbits aren’t built to swim because, they’re ground-dwelling animals. However; they rely on large ride-on dogs to help sailors evacuate sinking ships, or even help hunters who kill off large predators hunt bears, badgers, and even predatory birds. However; they take conservation seriously, and they often turn bear fur into coats for a cold environment. Not just these ride-on rabbits helped hunters who hunt deer and elk; they also helped farmers stay warm. Villagers recycle rabbit fur cuttings to produce coats. They usually trim their fur to help them accept a rider. They do this ritual because, this is necessary for these animals to be trained for years to come. As they predicted a future when all of us ride rabbits in our dream world by the year 2029.

Class: Colors Available: Uses:
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Mixed Colors
  • Red
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Cinnamon
Riding (no following carriage used)
B All Colors Riding, when hauling freight/goods; rider must ride rabbit and carriage driver maintains speed of a carriage. This configuration requires a team of 4
C All colors Riding for racing… slow speeds prefered; hauling freight when riding
D All colors Riding; shared transport when ridden by different people; treo freight hauling when riding, carriage operator regulates speed of a carriage
E All colors patroling; riding, rescueing, and other uses during emergencies; spank control to stop the spank; and weed control services
F All Colors Male Only… riding when hauling supplies to control unwanted predators; hunting; fishing

When rabbitback-riding has gone mainstream with dogback-riding; both shares became equal, and both of these diversified communities has their own resorts. They’ve successfully integrated dogback-riding as an addon service for many people who own shares of these animals to ride.

A vegetarian village begins to expand, outnumbering meat-eaters. They converted farms to factories with a design to produce everyday products with speed, and feed the villagers each day. However; many villagers who already own ride-on dogs has managed to ride rabbits, and they have to plan out their strategy. Many of these villagers were fed each day; that caused costs of living to go down, and caused many farmers who perform manual labor to experience machines when making their lives easier. These powerful boilers has been fueled by rabbit manure because, they refused to mine for coal because, they rely on supply of manure to fuel boilers for their trains, cranes, and even pumps to supply water. Their sewage system is designed to capture manure, and turn it into fuel to fuel boilers. Their sewer is composed of fire pits that are enclosed in furnaces, and mechanical wheels designed to pick up manure from dirty water, and fill hoppers to feed the fire. Heat from a large fire warms the clean water supply to provide clean water to drink. They use metal pipes to help water warm up. Firemen control the flames. They also cool water down to prevent sculding and other injuries. Their ride-on rabbits in red are intended for emergency evacuations. They have fire-fighting communties who fight fires to protect their property against damage. People who are leff-handed are rabbitback-riders. They’re encouraged to use left hands because, this is their “function hand” not for wiping your bottom. They imposed this change to enable any person to use both of their hands. Catholics who claim using a left hand is a sin are often punished by having their priviliges to be Catholics revoked, or sent to penalty camps to force them to use their left hands,–if this strategy fails, they’re sentenced to penalty groups for the rest of their lives, and they’re banned from being Catholics forever; it was a time when catholics has been punished for their acts. Regulations against Catholicism has been imposed because, that protect the left-handers from harm. Using both of their hands are their interest.

When rabbitback-riding has skyrocketed by 400%; people who own dogs stayed the same, and they already have a stable community,–thanks to low cost living what they’ve developed. Defending their stocks against inflation is everyone’s interest. However; many of these doe rabbits has been strategically converted to dairy rabbits to develop a delicacy for their meals. Rabbit cheese is the known delicacy what people in our dream world has consumed each night with a cup of tea, berry tarts, and fried fish. These ride-on rabbits are often respected because, they treat their dairy rabbits as ride-on animals for everyone. Everyone can ride rabbits as a ritual. Consuming rabbit cheese is always consumed hot when eating as a soup with vegetables of any kind. They eat this delicacy because, this meal is intended for these villagers. Almost all of these ride-on rabbits are protected against slaughter and harm.

These dogback-riders at the other hand has no set delicacy because, their dogs weren’t upgraded to become dairy dogs, but their manure is used for fuel for boilers and trains. And this ritual is unchanged. Many of these dogs that are designed to hunt rabbits with people has gone extinct by 99% because, they’re repurposed to hunt game bird species as meat for people who own cats at the another village. However; These agressive dogs has been phasing out because, they’re adapting to a “fish only” diet and eat more vegetables and fruit. That caused their hunting instincts to convert into fishing instincts. Only 1% of villagers own dogs that used to hunt rabbits since 400 years ago;–during the time when vegetarians begin to catch and keep rabbits as early exotic pets, and study their behavior, and even research these animals. Domestication of rabbits has been prioritized because, they wanted to develop an another ride-on animal alongside dogs in the future. In fact; our villagers who own rabbits in our dream world were trying to develop other animals to ride,–alongside horses owned by the rich.

Mainstream Rabbitback-Ride

When rabbitback-riding became a method of transportation for the poor; that caused our dream world to implement new laws to protect rabbits from being eaten or hunted by dogs/people. For this instance; a queen rode her first doe rabbit into her royal palace with a new king; and many villagers are happy to see a queen riding rabbits because, she was the among chosen by these villagers who take rabbitback-riding for granted. Everyone started riding rabbits with her as a new ritual because, this ritual. Unfortunately, buck rabbits for spirm production hasn’t got any protection what’s so ever! These bucks are often killed for meat by greedy hunters who hunt rabbits. Vegetarians who run factories for producing food and products has already prohibited sales of rabbit meat.

When people who ride rabbits flood the entire village; this village has to expand to other parts of the land, and develop efforts to keep their lands decorated with trees. For many years; they’ve planted over 500,000 trees each year; the same way how these ride-on dogs were respected after death. However; large rabbits who were ridden each day must be tagged with special tags to keep owners assigned to rabbits.

They’ve also used these rabbits for other uses like replacing lower legs of wounded soldiers, as full replacement legs for people who can’t walk, and people who has their legs amputated,–due to disease or injury, etc. Religious communities often strap adults and children to rabbits as a ritual to enable rabbits to give them rides for hours. Breaks for bathrooms are prioritized to help prevent accidents… but it went expensive because, mobile facilities must be moved, and waste must be shipped to the fire to be converted into fuel. They use special diapers to help catch all of the waste what we produce. However; this strategy has been working so far because, they implemented ways to help us travel further. Unfortunately, shower facilities has been implemented to help people wash up, and dirty water is boiled away to dispose dirty water to prevent illness. Large basins has been used to clean our bodies. A set of clothes has been changed as dirty clothes are cleaned. All people must be remounted to their large bunnies to complete a ritual. Doe rabbits are always chosen, male rabbits are religiously kept to breed new rabbits. They must wear special harnesses to be walked alongside religious leaders who ride doe bunnies.

Rabbitback-Riding As A Religious Ritual

If a set of women strap you on a back of a rabbit, and your instructor instructs you to ride a rabbit; you must do what your instructor is prompting you to do. This is necessary to prevent people from hitting their animals. Gentle hands, and gentle riders are key for performing this ritual. If you were allergic to rabbits; you can ride a toy rabbit as an oppose to a real one. However; this toy is intended for people who can’t interact with rabbits because, of animal allergies. Well, this toy must be pulled by religious communities because, this is necessary to prevent people from being stranded.

When your hands and feet are specially strapped down; you must issue commands to your rabbit. Like riding a horse, you twist your body to steer, and you use your feet to command your rabbit to go forward. If your rabbit is still; your instructor is using a special leash to guide your rabbit along paths, and streets. If your rabbit puffs up her fur, she is trained to mold you in. If you were sitting on your bunny; you may experience a slight movement as you ride your bunny. However; this ritual requires your foot to be clamped to special riding gear. Your hands must have enough room to wiggle, and change position. This strategy is necessary because, you can pet your rabbit,–if she parsed your commands successfully.

Also, your rabbit must have her manure specially collected to be used as fuel for boilers and other equipment. Steam trains, steam boats, steam ships, and even steam trolleys. A large fire is lit to keep these ride-on rabbits warm and safe. That also keep large predators away. Hunters often hunt large predators to keep their herd of rabbits safe. However; special strategies are designed to prevent people from intentionally releasing their rabbits into the wild. This strategy is necessary to protect the ecosystem. They also implemented exchanges to enable people to exchange animals to help prevent abandonment of these animals. These exchanges are a vast of buildings, and even large houses are designed to protect rabbits from being killed for meat or slaughtered.

When you ride these large rabbits, you can feal a bumpy motion. Typically, rabbits hop. However; special reins hasn’t been developed because, using your hands to control their heads is usually prefered. Horseback-riders need to provide them enough space to enable rabbitback-riders to pass by.

If a mother rabbit has babies; they must be trained immediately, because, this strategy help prevent shortage of ride-on rabbits. However; mother rabbits are trained NOT to eat their sick kits because, this is necessary to erace their behavior like this. If any of their baby rabbits are sick; they must care for them. Most sick kits who didn’t make it to recovery and died are often buried with 2 trees planted to enable 1 baby rabbit to be remembered. Buck rabbits who were only born are usually set as breeding bucks. If one or more females are born; they’re set as ride-ons because they have a gentle temperment,–as long as you don’t hit them.

When rabbitback-riding starts; each person is fed with a specific diet of vegetables, and even special fruits to activate hypnosis to make riding easier. However; this early form of hypnosis is monitored to keep riders alive. This is necessary because, that prevent people from dismounting their bunnies without an approval from an instructor.

If a person hits a rabbit over NOT parsing commands; a rabbit can eject her rider with an “emergency buck-off” to instantly remove a bad rider. Many Catholics, Christians, Mormons, and other religious groups often experience this. However; worshiping a rabbit as a religion in our dream world prohibits all spanking, and other cruel acts towards children and animals. If a person leaves Catholicism and other religions linked to animal cruelty and child cruelty; a person must ride a doe rabbit to be introduced to a rabbit goddess or queen who is happy to see people ride rabbits. Bad riders who were bucked off were often held acountable; and these large rabbits has the right to refuse to give rides to bad riders, or set themselves as out of service to intentionally remove themselves from a pool of ride-on rabbits, if a person who is about to ride a rabbit, but manages NOT to hit this animal, a rabbit will take time to trust her new rider, and a rider must respect her. Although; rabbits don’t forget about bad riders and bad owners. Bad riders are often punished by having their religious rights revoked, and sent to prison farms where they’re controlled by good riders who throw spankers to slammers. Most spankers were fed with either bread and water, or a specific diet that will prevent them from killing rabbits for meat.

This ritual of riding rabbits has been strategically regulated to prevent discrimination from happening.

As Hand And Feet Replacements

Although; these ride-on rabbits has been strategically used to help people who were in serious accidents or replacements for broken hands and feet, or if their limbs are damaged. These ride-on rabbits are designed to handle mounts for a long time,–works up to 30 minutes or 90 minutes. Many people who were working in dangerous environments like construction need spare hands to do all of these dangerous jobs, but these animals are specially trained to handle high work areas, and even underground construction. Construction workers ride these animals as an oppose to horse and carriage. They still collect manure to power machines to build large buildings, and even large palaces. These riders only ride does because, bucks are only intended for very agressive jobs like hauling heavy trams. Certified riders who ride male rabbits use them to haul trams that contain equipment like pumps for fighting fires, scrap iron, bricks, and other goods. Usually, 2 people control the tram, and a rider rides a male rabbit who is hauling freight. Usually males are stocky and muscular because, they’re significantly stronger than females! This class of ride-on male rabbits are assigned to various classes from A to F.

Typically, does are used for ride-on replacement hands and feet. If you were a person who has no feet for walking like a normal person because of an injury or accident, or defect when you were born; they use special technologies to enable you to control your rabbit what you’re riding. If your hands don’t work; your rabbit’s front paws will work like hands, and they can be used for flipping switches, turning pages of a book, feeding, dressing, and even working machines. This strategy is necessary because, they have extreme regulations when keeping monkeys and other primates. These rabbits don’t actually type on computer keyboards because, their paws aren’t large enough to strike a key with only just 1 toe. It may take some generations to convert front paws to hands like a human. Most of these rabbits keep their ears upright to enable them to hear from long distances, and spot danger of any kind. As a prospective, warriors in our dream world were strapped on these bunnies to replace their missing limbs. Amputees has also rely on these animals as service animals because, they can work like mobile limbs to go. This intentional development has caused many of these breeders to develop efforts to kill off predators as a protection for their rabbits on their specialized farm.

As Ride-On “Seeing-Eye” Rabbits

Blind people who rely on this ride-on rabbit only ride doe rabbits because, they’re faster and built for speed. Male rabbits are usually designed for industrial use like hauling freights and being ridden at the same time. Blind freight haulers must wear special clothing to enable bucks to work efficiently. Unlike oxen, you can have only just 1 buck because, males do fight, unless you get them fixed. These working castrated males are usually trained to pulled heavy loads when being ridden by a person. They’re usually castrated when their young. Female rabbits have superior brains, just like female humans. They can sense more color than usual, and they have stronger ears. Although; rabbit manure collected by an owner uses it for fueling power plants, hot water supplies, and even use as compost filler to help plants grow.

These “seeing-eye” ride-on rabbits are designed to see for a blind person. Unlike “seeing-eye” dogs in our real world; they have an ability to jump, and even assist in evacuating from dangerous events like fires, storms, and even dangerous people with weapons!

To Interpret Dreams Involving Rabbits What You’re Riding

Find an amusement ride at your local amusement park, or shopping mall offers. If they have a carousel; ride a rabbit via any color. White rabbits are prefered, but any color will do. Be sure to speak with an operator about a size of this ride, or have a shopping mall build a custom size for you.

Remove rabbit meat from your diet, always check with your dietitian before you make a switch to alternatives to rabbit meat. If you were following a kosher diet; skip this action.

Read a book that may contain rabbits in it. Avoid erotica at all costs to keep your dream clean.

Find a movie that has rabbits in it.

Draw a picture of you riding a rabbit.

Before you go to sleep, always think before you dream of riding rabbits. For the best results, play an audio-book of choice with a same topic.

Repeat the previous actions each day.

If you have trouble interpreting this dream, perform these following steps:

  1. Hire someone to make a large ride-on plush rabbit to ride. You can have rockers on it… or just suspended with springs.
  2. Buy a plush bunny that is at least 7 feet tall, but small enough to fit on your bed when you sleep.
  3. Find a children’s book to read.
  4. Remove all rabbit meat from your freezers, iceboxes and storage facilities, and properly dispose them.
  5. If you have a rabbit farm, convert it into a non-meat farm and shut down a slaughter plant. If you don’t have a slaughter plant, or if you don’t own a rabbit farm designed for rasing rabbits for meat, skip this step.
  6. Interact with rabbits at your local fair, or have your friend or family member bring in a rabbit for you to pet.

War When Vegetarians Refused To Sell Rabbits As Stock For Meat Production

When vegetarian villagers has established a culture that is free of rabbit meat; they rendered rabbit meat production obsolete. And many villagers began to experience longer lives, and even a “fish only” diet experience with vegetables. Not just they’ve saved money on resources, they’ve also saved money on costs of slaughtering animals for meat. This transition has caused this village to block rabbit meat production, and many people has kept their large rabbits as mounts/pets. These large bunnies has also healed lots of villagers because, vaccinations has prevented illnesses and they also encouraged people to be vaccinated,–at least once a year! This village has many nurses hired in vast hospitals and many nurses has been caring for sick people for many years. Many nurses who own rabbits has used hot rabbit milk as early medicine to cure the patients who were ill. Although; rabbit milk is highly valued because, it was used for other medicinal purposes. Thanks to lack of predators in this village; these rabbits has grown larger than they used to be.

Over 500,000 villagers own these large ride-on rabbits. Unfortunately, all villagers on our dream world must ride rabbits all times because, our legs work less efficiently than they’ve worked in our real world. This mad form of medicinal use was supported by many of these villagers who worship a rabbit queen.

Although; the poor ride rabbits too, but thanks to donations of food via early forms of food delivery; they must feed the poor to help cut poverty. Cutting poverty was so strong, that caused many families to find more jobs, and line pockets with money. However; medicinal use of riding rabbits has also helped people with PTSD; and other factors.

However; many people who eat rabbit meat has experienced “rabbit meat famon” because, a very short supply of rabbit meat was common and many vegetarians has outlawed production of rabbit meat as a way to protect our ride-on rabbits. Some vegetarian has turned into rabbit-like creatures, and this ritual has been intentionally done because, other villagers were required to ride rabbits as a mandatory law. If you were dreaming; you are still riding a rabbit into our dream world, and out of our dream world when you wake up from your sleep. These villagers who rode rabbits has skyrocketed up to 22,000,000+ rabbitback-riders flooding this village. Although; this number continues to climb. In the 2030; all villagers will ride rabbits, and rabbit meat will be obsolete, and rabbit manure will power this village for years to come. Ashes from rabbit manure will be compressed into solid blocks with natural clay to produce foundations to route roads to other villages. However; blocks of ashes of rabbit manure will also be used to keep sea water from flooding villages when storms strike. They will also use these blocks to help trees grow with a line-like configuration,–breaking winds, and enabling towns to get fresh air. They’ve already have 22,000,000 trees planted as a way to soak up water to help prevent floods.

Earlier, wars has caused rabbit meat production to halt. And many people who eat rabbit has been trying to fight back by robbing rabbits from their barns where rabbits aren’t raised for meat. Vegetarians who produced advanced technologies has caused many of the rabbit-eating communities to be wiped out, or switched to a rabbit-free diet.

The Start Of A War

Many vegetarians has sounded alarms because, their precious rabbits has been stolen for meat production. Many vegetarians who rely on ride-on rabbits has been killed by these meat-eating farmers who experienced a short supply of rabbit meat, and villagers who phased out rabbit meat from their diet. They replaced rabbit meat with fish ans seafood because, they wanted to opt out of eating rabbits. However; kings and queens are prohibited from eating rabbit because, rabbit meat is bad for royal leaders of any kind. They believe royal leaders ride rabbits as a way to go places. Vegetarians who refused rabbit meat were the first kings and queens who dreamed of riding rabbits, and they wanted to ride rabbits as an oppose to horseback-riding because, they believe horses are too tall for mounts to mount. Tall cowboys can mount them.

When meat-eaters who eat rabbit robbed many rabbit farms; they’re punished by being fed to lions, or even hung because, they committed a serious crime. Killing a rabbit for meat in their village is punishable by death. And many people who forced children to eat rabbit were punished by being hung to death, and their children were forced to stay away from rabbit meat, and ride rabbits forever as a sentence. Children who intentionally kill rabbits for meat were punished by being forced to eat only carrots with hot rabbit milk, and even forced to ride rabbits that are designed to get them jalted/jarred, this is necessary to force children to stay away from rabbit meat. Some of these villagers has intentionally bred rabbits to refuse anyone who eat rabbit meat. Although; vegetarians don’t support slave labor. They made it illegal to rely on slave labor of any kind, even in families of any kind/religion/culture. However; if you accidentally killed a rabbit, and you have no intention to kill a rabbit; you need to ride either a rabbit queen, or ride a doe rabbit for 50 years to be forgiven by a rabbit goddess.

During a start of a war; rabbit-owners who ride rabbits must lock their barns, and farms as “out of service” to patrons who support riding rabbits as a modern culture, and efforts to keep rabbits from being slaughtered. However; many farmers prefer to screen out people who eat rabbit. This strategy has been implemented as a way to enable their rabbits to be enlarged, and evolve to ride-on rabbits for years to come. Many farmers employ special dogs who will keep people from killing rabbits for meat at bay. However; many of these farmers who care for rabbits has been setting up large barns to house all of their rabbits. They lit up farms as a way to patrol for any unwanted rustlers. These farmers relied on the rich to help keep their farms safe.

This proprietary breed of rabbits has been protecting their rabbits from being eaten by feeding these animals a special diet that will render these animals toxic to eat when killed. However; this strategy hasn’t been opened to the general public of our dream world. If you were a person who is hunting rabbits, and you were been killing them for meat; you are often persecuted, or in some cases, you were either sentenced to time in prison, or be shipped to a colony where rabbit meat is prohibited.

If you were a person who refused rabbit meat, and you haven’t ridden any rabbits; you must ride at least 1 rabbit because, this is necessary for you to speed up. People who haven’t ridden rabbits has been prompted to ride rabbits to join the movement to drive away rabbit meat production from their queendom. If you failed to ride a rabbit; a queen may send you to a camp or colony where riding a rabbit is mandatory for people who don’t eat rabbit meat. Rabbit owners who already ride rabbits must protect their rabbits against theft by setting up special fortresses, and implement efforts to keep predatory birds away. If you’re a farmer who breeds rabbits for riding, you must ride your own animals.

If riding a rabbit isn’t available; you may ride a dog, but your dog must NOT hunt rabbits because, rabbits are unclean to eat for you and your animal.

Traditionally, knights ride horses during the war. But newer knights ride rabbits to combat against enemies because, rabbits are fast, and they’re trained to rip open enemy strongholds of any kind. These knights can handle all of the hard landings and jalts when riding rabbits. They’re so powerful; they can ram enemies on horseback. These rabbits are specially trained to strike with their paws to rip open armor, and even tear up surfaces, making it too impossible for enemies on horseback to catch up.

When an enemy has been captured, he/she is either sent to camps where enemies who are either sent to be jalted via a jalt houses by being strapped to mechanical wooden bunnies operated by soldiers in tread wheels, or sent to be hung. Women who were captured are often forced to convert to a rabbit-free diet and NOT slaughter rabbits,–that also forces her NOT to hunt rabbits. Men are the among killed when rabbits are illegally slaughtered.

This war can take many years to accomplish victory. However; many of these vegetarians who don’t slaughter animals has saved over many resources for their villagers.

The north of our dream world has relied on factories because, they wanted to reduce labor. Even rabbits needed to be relieved of constant labor because, blind owners who ride rabbits must give rabbits breaks on a regular basis. Having a treo of female rabbits is enough for a blind person to keep going like usual. The north has very few plantations, very few farms, and very few labor. The north section of our dream is composed of many factories producing products with speed. These machines are intended to process metal, food, clean water; clean sewage, and even compress rabbit manure to be sold as fuel for stoves. Many of these factories has automated machinery. That caused use of their ride-on rabbits to change. Earlier, they’ve been ridden in circles to chern butter, and grind wheat,–and even pump water. Each pair or treo of people riding rabbits take turns. However; having windmills built has caused the north to rely on these machines to do work for them, and reducing labor costs. Slave labor was officially against the law, and many slave owners has been killed by being hung. There was a record of 12 riders doing jobs, and caused the longest supply to last for a while. All of that labor has caused their ride-on rabbits to be at risk of being overworked. And people at the north came up with a solution… they build machines and factories because, they wanted their village to be mechanized, and enable villagers to live better.

Also, the north with powerful economies has enabled soldiers to get lasting supplies. Cannons has been pulled by horses to help cut risk of loud booms of cannon from startling their animals.

Many villagers at the north; refused roast rabbit because, they believe rabbit meat is unclean, and unhealthy!

Steam plants has been built to distribute hot drinking water as a way to help this village thrive. These villagers has built underground pipelines as a way to distribute water to all homes. This early form of plumbing is so advanced, they implemented regulators to regulate water coming out of sinks.

When the north begins to expand, and unionize with other villagers.

However; the south of our dream world has experienced serious damage. Many of the cattle farms were wiped out, many cattle has been killed, their pigs raised for meat has been killed, and even their hunting dogs has been killed (applies to dogs trained for hunting rabbits). This destruction has also wiped out foie gras farms, meat-based goat farms, and their horse farms. However; vegetarians continued to survive with their efforts. Current meat-eating villagers has managed to keep themselves out of harm’s way by intentionally halting rabbit meat production… that applies to villagers who were still phasing out rabbit meat. However; rabbit meat stocks continue to fall, causing people who work for rabbit meat production to lose jobs altogether. That caused meat-eating communities to lose money, and switched to a vegetarian diet slowly.

Although; the south rely on large farms where rabbits were raised for meat, along with cattle, goat, pig, chicken, donkey, horse, and even sheep farms. These farms were operated by many meat eaters who eat rabbit as their primary meat. These animals were eaten after they’ve been overworked by meat eaters who scam patrons at local fairs. These local fairs has condemned rabbit meat because, they must keep rabbits safe from being eaten.

Unlike the north; they rely on animal labor that is so intense… many of these animals are sold for meat illegally. These illegal slaughter plants has been built by people who claimed their food source is low. These large plantations has no room to house rabbits for riding. Rustlers often smuggle rabbits from farms where they raise rabbits for riding. An illegal market that caused many of these rabbit owners to experience exploitation. People in poverty hasn’t eaten rabbit meat because, they relied on vegetables, but they’re catching up with the rich. With all of these donations of food and supplies has caused these poor villagers to find jobs, and leave the south of our dream world.

People who were still living in the south tried to diversify with people who eat rabbit has failed to share their meat supply.

However; these villagers has killed their own rabbits for meat, and they’ve been treating rabbits like machines… forcing them to run in circles with their riders for cherning butter or grinding wheat, pull heavy carts, and even pull heavy steaks. Their manure was used to operate large basins of water to boil up animals that are killed for meat. These factory farms has been started to disguise as factories. Unfortunately, boiler explosions has damaged this factory, and many of their animals has been killed. These farmers has to run for their lives because, their plantations are on fire. This damage has caused local villagers to report a problem with these farms.

When police arrived, many of these farmers who killed rabbits were arrested, and sent to prisons at the north of our dream world.

Also, there are many fights, and soldiers fight to their deaths. These fights has been going on for many years. Only the north has advanced weapons, but the south doesn’t. These warriors of the north are the most cunning, and they can really cause a serious damage to other places.

The north with vegetarians has came up with an idea… drive away all of these people who eat rabbit meat. And they’ve been planning this for years. And they are now expanding south.

When the north has expanded, they fought for their rabbits to be mounts or pets.

These vegetarian soldiers has flooded the village. Citizens fled their village to avoid the cunning north. Some of them kepp themselves at home. Many of these vegetarians who encountered this war. They continued efforts to remove rabbits from these farms where a slaughter plant is installed.

Unfortunately, many of these meat-eating villagers are beginning to die off, and many vegetarians who were surviving war are still alive.

Rabbit meat farms has been intentionally burned down by soldiers to deprive enemies of supplies. Many of these rabbitback-riders has expanded to other parts of our dream world. However; this war has been linked to many children eating more vegetables.

Vegetarians’ Victory After War

When vegetarians has successfully wan rights for their rabbits as mounts; they implemented new efforts to outlaw rabbit meat production altogether.

However; many of these hunting communities who don’t hunt rabbits, but deer and elk has to rethink their planet, and reduce hunting by 55%. However; conservation has caused various species of animals to come back from extinction. Strategically-planted forests has been worshiped by many people who own rabbits as mounts or pets has kept planting new trees,–after the death of their rabbits… during war. These ride-on rabbits has been enabling soldiers to breech fortresses, and even destroy slaughter plants as a way to help rabbits evacuate.

During a celebration of their victory; they ridden rabbits that are intended to jalt/jar children as entertainment. However; many villagers has also buried their dead rabbits in vast graveyards to plant new trees. Almost over 2,000 trees are planted each day. If you ever visit a large graveyard of rabbits buried; they intentionally developed paths for people to take a walk in this beautiful forest what they’ve planted for years, and restoring the ecosystem. Many enemies who were killed during the war are buried in graveyards with only one tree planted per grave. And This vast land is set NOT to have any settlements in it because, ghosts may take vengeance against people who fought for their meat production. Many of these villagers who were allies for a long war has been buried in vast graveyards with 4 trees planted per grave. If you can do the math with 100 cells in this graveyard; you can see about 400 trees planted. Some are planted 90 feet apart. This is necessary for people who manage land to maintain it, and provide tours to this graveyard. However; all trees are set to grow as tall as possible. This strategy has also caused CO2 levels to go down, and oxygen levels to go up.

Many of these villages has grew big, and they started shops to feed the poor, and thrive. Almost all of these villagers who own rabbits to ride. Now these days; you can visit this village that is converted into a resort town for many people who visit this town. If you ever visit a graveyard that has a tunnel underneath… once lit by candles, you can take a ride on either rabbits or dogs. This ride was low in price, you can able to ride this ride.

Burial Of Ride-On Rabbits

Rabbit hospice is quite popular in our dream world because, many rabbits were respected after death. This large hospice for rabbits are always next to a large church where rabbits are worshiped. If your rabbit in our dream world dies, you must have your rabbit corpse be managed by a dedicated undertaker who collect rabbit corpses to be buried. Also, you must perform the following ritual before your rabbit’s funeral:

Ride A Black Rabbit

You need to ride a black rabbit because, you are opening a door for your rabbit’s soul to reach the another world. Heaven is common in Christian worlds. When you ride a black rabbit; you must hold a wand with a star on top of a tip facing the sky. This is also necessary to alert the rabbit queen to activate the gate that will let you in… to drop off your rabbit’s soul.

You must either eat carrots with your cup of tea, or eat blackberries.

Your rabbit’s fur must be recycled. If you’ve already trimmed your rabbit’s fur before death; always turn it into fabric to be sold in small shops.

If your rabbit’s soul needs a place to roam; you need to choose a graveyard for her soul to roam, and reach the sky.

Ride A Rabbit-Go-Round

A rabbit-go-round is a large carousel that rotates slow, and you must ride this ride. This ritual has been implemented because, many villagers worship this ride as a sacred ride for everyone. Religious leaders who maintain this ride has been raising money to cut pollution by 200%. Over 200 tons of CO2 has been removed each minute. However; this ride was also used to force children to refuse rabbit meat, it was used since children has been illegally killing rabbits for meat. This ride was a penalty-based ride that jalt children by spinning and shaking them. That also worked for adults. Today, this ride is now slow because, they added more safety features to keep riders safe… only the original version has been used to punish people for killing rabbits.


As always; a cluster of trees are always planted. No item is buried next to the corpse because, this is necessary to prevent ground pollution, and promote plant growth. This strategy has been fueling the funeral industry for years in our dream world. This forest was nicknamed “Rabbit Forest” because, this forest is planted by people who bury dead rabbits before planting trees. They formed cylinder capsules to enable trees to be planted. Each capsole has holes in it to enable these plants to share fertilizing compost. Like a forest; trees grow randomly people plant these trees as a grid format to slow down winds, and dim sunlight. This effort has also caused parks to be formed. These parks has been linking villages as a way to enable people to blend in with nature. This strategy has caused this village to be a giant park of any kind. This park has almost surrounded this village because, rabbit owners who plant trees almost about 10 years apart from new rabbits what they’ve owned. Thanks to breeders who often issue rabbits to new owners as a subscription, or as a one-time setup for becoming a new owner via shares, they also conserved wild versions of these rabbits, so they can live for years to come. This ritual has been spreading in our dream world since war and many people who were vegetarians has wiped out all of these meat-eating villages.

Use Of Rabbit Manure

Rabbit manure has been collected to produce energy for running boilers, steam engines, furnaces, and even fire pits for cooking outdoors. Today, this ritual is still the same, and they now use rabbit manure as fuel for power plants. This industry relies on animal manure as fuel to keep power active. That also caused other manure like dog manure to be dried faster, and be used as additional fuel for their plants to generate energy.


Our dream world now ride rabbits by default. This is an official animal what people worship and ride. They often have dedicated people who own rabbits.

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