Why Did We Chose To Ride Rabbits In Our Dream World?

Okay, some people who were dreaming are just wondering why we chose to ride rabbits, instead of slaughtering them for meat. However; there was a battle to success when breeders who breed large rabbits for riding. And many people who swapped to a vegetarian diet as a precaution. However; this practice of riding rabbits has been evolving in our dream since years ago.

So, hop on your lagomorph; and hop into a portal of our dream world to find out the history of rabbitback-riding and how our dream world villagers fought for their right to worship this animal, and prevent slaughter of this beast.
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My Dream Of An Arcade With An “Adult Sized” Kiddy Ride

Within my dream what I had since around the times when I was asleep, I decided to find me a ride to ride in the arcade when games are occupied. Almost all games are used up, but these rides look like they’re used up all right, but there’s one ride what someone don’t want to ride… it was a fairy, but she’s not human… she’s a fox-like fairy without any wings.

As I reach this ride, it was larger than she used to be. She’s a family-friendly animated fairy of some sort, and she’s unique by design. She wears a furry pink shirt with a pink skirt of some sort,–like a FairyTale Character, she has soft or hard design that makes her look like a dream creature that is really unique,–almost like she has afeature what common chickens had ontop of their heads, or something. Her head is big, and she’s like an anthropomorphic fox like this,–or maybe a cobination of two animals. She is white, but her hair is hidden. Maybe her specializedwig has been implemented,–making her look like a creature of some sort.

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