Mice Compilation: Riding A Mouse… Mice Dressed Up As Nurse… All Dreams What I Had Long Ago Have Mice Featured… And More…

Got dreams involving mice? I do have these unique dreams like this since long time ago. Within this journal entry, I’ll present you these stories about these dreams what I had since long ago. And most of these dreams what I had may be based-on art what I just created, movies what I’ve watched, books what I read, games what I’ve just played, or places what I went to.

If you think mice are amazing, and you had these good dreams what I had since years ago, shrink and enter the virtual world, and enjoy these dreams what I used to have since long ago.


Riding A White Mouse

Via the beginning of my dream; I was riding a white mouse at the dry section of the recreational swimming pool. I was just getting ready to swim at the swimming pool with my shoes on my feet. I am wearing my swimming suit with blue stripes. And most of my clothes what I had are stored in the locker that is strategically locked to protect my items.

I took a short swim as I allow the white mouse to take a break from giving me rides. That enable me to have some fun as I interact with other people.

This pool is like a large pool found in some schools.

After I took a swim, I remounted on a white mouse to continue riding her.

I also speak to her as I ride her, and she speaks british with a mouse-like accent!

I just figured this out why I started riding a mouse… when I first started believing in fairies, many of these little fairies has trouble enlarging themselves. They hired lots of mice to become fairies. I was deployed to this village, and I landed on a large white mouse who gave me a ride to a protected village where fairies and villagers live. That’s why rabbits, rats, mice, and other rodents are common in my dream. If I can get my calculations correct; most of our dreams aren’t able to process data that enable us to ride horses in the real world. But we can ride rodents, lagomorphs, dogs, and cats.

I belive these fairies has placed me on this white mouse,–so they can take some time enlarging themselves. And they have to find ways for me to keep up with these fairies.


On My Way To A Village Where Mice Are Respected

I exited this kingdom where dogs are present. I have to take a long walk to the another village. All of these trains are full, but these other trains has been built to ferry more people.

This journey has taken me days to reach the new village. It could be “Mouse Isles”… or “Rodent Isles”. Unlike other villages where mice are exterminated, they’ve implemented new laws to help recover species of mice being wiped out by these exterminators who were held accountable for their actions. It’s not cool to kill a mouse because, there are some laws that protect most species of mice around the world. A dormouse is a known mouse who needs our help to keep this wonderful animal from going extinct. The best way to save a mouse is by boycotting pest-controlling services, and saving our planet.


From Humans To Mouse-like Mutants

My dream used to have normal people, but there’s evolution taking place. However; these people has been turning into animal-like creatures.

When I was in this building where I used to live in New York City, I was hanging out at this theater complex that is now a camp. These people used to have normal features like a normal real human, but things start to change as they evolve overtime. For this instance: a woman who used to be a normal human, but she turned into a mouse because, her ansesters has worshiped this animal for many years, and they’ve outlawed use of glue traps, spring-loaded traps, poisons, pest controlling services, and extermination of mice. Within this village, they prohibited anyone from evicting mice from their homes… however; they’ve can be relocated with care via scientists who study mice.

Thanks to activists who supported women’s rights, that caused rape culture to be banned, and all women are protected at all costs.

So far; only 40% of the villagers has evolved.


Mice Dressed Up As Nurses

Two nurses are actually mice, and they have their new jobs!

Maybe these nurses has turned into mice when they’ve tried to get my mother out of control when she was a danger to me, and the public. They could be 2 nurses who were EMTs once… you can tell by finding the EMS vests what they’ve had intact. But don’t panic… they’ve evolved too. Maybe these paramedics in these village has developed ways to adapt to their new features.


Riding A Toy Mouse

This is my iconic dream what I had! I was riding this toy in this playground. This playground has been redesigned for people who were trying to get their dreams back. I was the only person who is riding this toy.

Maybe I was dropped off at this playground because, these trains were full,–transporting people from one village to the another.


The trains what we took to go places are R-142s and R-160s.

The swimming pool almost matches the same pool at Kansas State School For the Blind!

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