From The Dream Vault: Riding A Large White Cat and Her Kitten

I had this dream since 2009; and I has a precise dream of riding cats. However; I had this dream memorized for a long time. And this is dream what I’ll never forget. And I remembered this dream since years ago.

The story:

I was walking upstairs into an apartment where I used to live since a long time ago. I was going to the third floor to get ready for a tea party where they have an apreciation of fairy-believers who believe in fairies. I was thinking about keeping me entertained as a tea party starts.

I discovered a lady cooking up a vegetable stew for fairy-believers who were getting dinners for a long trip to a camp someplace.

I went to a room where I used to sleep in.

I discovered a large white cat.

She has a pink nose, soft fur, wears a pink ribbon, and she has blue eyes.

So, I hopped on a large white cat to ride her… she’s kind of soft. And she’s friendly!

As I start to ride her like a “rocking-cat”, she starts to come to life. This is my dream’s first experience of making toys come to life.

Turns out… she’s a real white cat who is large enough for me to ride her. She uses her magic powers to transfer me to her white kitten,–so I can ride her.

Her kitten bounces as she jumps. I’m now riding her as the large white cat sprints to a tea room where they’re having a tea party. Maybe this apartment where I used to live has been redesigned by the owner who takes revamping this building seriously.

These cats are not mousers because, they are trained not to exterminate mice and rats because, this apartment building is being converted into a camp-like home for people who were abused, and neglected.

This is my iconic dream what I ever had since August 2009; and this is my fully-remembered dream what I still memorize today.

What does it mean if I ride a large white cat and her kitten?

When riding a large white cat; that means I have to slow down and relax, and experience a long life. I have to encourage other people in our society to slow down, and don’t rush anyone.

When enjoying a ride on the white cat… that means, I had to think about what I experienced since childhood. At this case; I memorized my times when I was enjoying my time playing, and watching movies what I like to watch. That also means, I have to teach myself to use common devices, and watch more educational TV, and and read more books as you can.

When I was transfered to her kitten,–so I can ride her, the meaning is: Your mother or father should NEVER EVER treat you like a slave, or dictate what you should eat as a snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you were been mistreated by your single mother for your entire life, and you were been abused… never forgive an abuser, and you should stop abuse as you can. If anyone has already spoke up for you since years ago, and you managed to leave your abusive single mother behind, you are teaching your parent a lesson!

When riding her white kitten, and she bounces as she jumps, that means: Don’t let your father be left without you! If your mother has died of heart issues, or she has been taken to a psych ward for a violent threat against you, or your brother, sisters, or your cousins… you need to teach yourself to live without your mother. If you have lived without your mother before because, your mother who was abusive was in prison, or your parents are NOT raising you right… you are NOT a healthy child. A parent dictating what you should do, or not to do, and spanking you for anything is abusive, and you are NOT a punching-bag! If you managed to complain this issue to your teacher at school, you had the right to stay away from a violent home, and seek shelter!

As I hang on tight to her kitten what I’m riding; that means: When your mother was born with a hole in her heart, don’t do any mistake what your mother just did. But these mistakes what your mother just did are NOT mistakes at all. If you see your mother hit any of your brothers or sisters, report abuse immediately. Since your mother has been in prison since you were a little boy; you have to remember to prepare to live without your parents. However; if your mother raises you the right way (without violence of any kind… that also inclused spanking, and other abusive acts), you are treated the right way, but you were been mistreated for your whole childhood, or your whole life.


This dream what I had is like a movie of some sort. And my dream is a parody of Halsy Street via a 1228 building. Except, this building has different windows, and it has different lighting. Most people in this building own cats like usual.

This dream what I had takes place in New York City!

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