From The Dream Vault: Riding A Fairy wearing A Purple Skirt With An Attached Poofy Shirt With Zipper.

This is a fairy what I’ll never forget in my dream. This fairy has shiny pink wings, and she is totally a real fairy to me. It takes place at night, but it takes place at an extremely mountainous location where mountains were intentionally built to dim the skies, and implement trees at the higher elevation to reduce pollution.

As I ride this fairy; she flaps her wings. She flaps her wings as I shift my weight up-and-down to enable her to spread her wings, and flap them at the same time. She rises off the ground,–pushing away from gravity. However; this fairy eats berries and carrots as her main source of energy, but she eats only vegetarian food, and she only eats fish to get protein. This fairy may look like she’s human, but she has these modification in my dream:

Back Legs Of A Rabbit With Large Paws And A Rounded Tail

As always; most of my fairies what I ride in my dream are modified with animal-like features. Anyway, this fairy what I’m riding has a tail like a rabbit, but it has a sphere-like form, but she can move her tail for other uses like leveling, or signal other fairies to make room. Well, I didn’t see her tail because, I was only facing forward. She does have back legs like a rabbit, but I can’t her legs because, they’re hidden.

Why she has these features like a rabbit? Here are the following explanation:

Due to me who refused to eat rabbit meat, and replaced it with shrimp, pasta, and broccoli… this fairy what I’m riding has a same vote; she refuses to eat rabbit, not hunt rabbits. Her mother has died when she was extremely sick,–after a rabbit dinner that is supposed to provide her powers to fly higher. This fairy does have a pet rabbit once, but she was stolen (rabbitnapped) for meat,–resulting to a king banning all rabbit meat trades altogether. This fairy has wished she was a rabbit-like fairy to be worshiped as a religious being/beast, and her wish has been granted.

She was fed rabbit milk since her childhood to prevent her from eating rabbit at all costs.

Large Fairy Wings

This fairy has a large set of wings to help her fly higher, and she flies constantly,–just like a plane!

She Has A Pink Clown Nose Like A Rat

Her nose is pink, and it’s rounded, and that gives her face a clown-like look.


This fairy has gold hair, fair skin, and she wears a bronze headband, but her built-in rabbit ears has broke off,–due to damage caused by bad guys who eat meat.

Her headband has braille embedded.

This fairy what I’m riding is a parody of a Resident Evil character, Sherry Berkin! Except she’s a large fairy with a large gown.

It takes place in a mountainous region where coal-burning plants are outlawed to save the ice caps.

This is a “wind energy only” community.

This fairy what I’m ridden in my dream is 110 years old, but she is still a healthy fairy. However; she was a long-living fairy, but she’s still a young fairy. Maybe she ate some foods to extend her lifespan. This fairy is all grown up; but she is still growing. She won’t stop growing,–until age 180.

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