Why There Isn’t A Single Apple Macintosh Computer In Our Dream World?

So, you brought your Macintosh computer with you, and you discovered other computer users who prefer PCs over a Mac. Well, our dream world doesn’t have 1 single user who uses an Apple Product. However; our dream world has implemented a longest boycott ever. And if you were just wondering why your favorite Macbook what you brought with you has been spontaneously converted into a PC,–all without any knowledge, and why your iPhone has been rerouted to their Linux servers someplace!

So, let’s explore our dream world; and find out why our beautiful dream world has banned ALL Apple products, along with some problems what you may encounter.

Why Did Our Dream World Banned An Apple Macintosh?

Use of DRM and other copy-protection Schemes is common! PC as their preference is easier to maintain and repair.

And speaking about choosing a PC over a Mac; our dream world has been having issues with Apple Macintosh computers since they first came out. However; their trouble started off with an Apple III computer without a fan that prevents a unit from overheating. Since Macintosh computers aren’t built to expand like a PC. Everyone in our dream world started to boycott Apple Inc by switching to a PC,–after Microsoft Windows has been launched. They tried out Windows, and waited for other OSs to pop up like Linux.

When PC sales went up; Apple Macintosh computers begin to sit on market shelves for days. PCs has been flying off these shelves because, they’re the first to be chosen by these villagers who live there!

If you were an owner of an Apple product, and you were just working in your office; people has been shocked because, you are supporting a company who evade taxes! Since these villagers are using a PC in their work environments… they can produce content; and sell products and services. In the 1990s; our dream world has implemented a ban on Apple Macintosh computers. Gaming arcades must migrate to a PC, or have their Apple Macintosh computers converted to PCs. This ban has started because, there’s no such way to expand their machines, or repair them with replacement parts.

What Happens If You Have Ownership Of An Apple Macintosh Computer And You Failed To Migrate To A PC In A Dream World?

The following consequences may occur. A law that is designed to #BoycottApple makes it mandatory to replace Apple products with alternatives that are easy to rebuild. Anti-consumer practices has been banned from our dream world because, all consumers who buy electronics, computers, and other equipment are owners. Here are the following consequences what you may encounter if you owned an Apple product in our dream world:

  • Taxes – you need to pay more taxes if you still own an Apple product. For example; if you owned a Macintosh computer for 4 years; you must pay a $2000-tax. You must pay this kind of a tax because, our dream world takes anti-consumer practices very seriously. If you don’t pay this tax, your Apple product will be placed on an endless tax lien via our dream world.
  • Liens – this is a scary part; people in our dream world who own Apple products has experienced liens being placed on their machines. Typically, our dream world impose liens on Apple products what people owned at homes and businesses.
  • Conversion – that literally can affect the owners of these Apple products. Conversion is exclusive to computers. However; this village is choosing an open-source route. Since Apple products are NOT open-source… villagers must stop sales of all Apple products because, they believe use of copy-protection is against the law. They do have a “copy-protect tax” mandated for copyright owners. A $4,000-tax has been imposed for this reason.

Yikes! This ban is strict. A regular old PC without any Apple branding on them are prefered by many villagers because, they wanted to be consumer-friendly. You did have your Macbook as you were visiting this dream world, but you discovered you got a PC laptop instead, and asking, “where did my Macbook go?”

A Ban On Apple Products Is Mandatory, But Why Ban Apple Altogether?

Linux, Google, and Android are chosen by our villagers in our dream world. Sweat shop labor isn't tolerated.

When our dream world finally used Linux as their prefered OS, that caused their economy to grow rapidly; that also caused many shareholders who own Apple shares to experience a negative impact. Some of our villagers has mandated use of open-source software as a way to enforce, boycott of Apple products.

When Android is first discovered, everyone set Android as their prefered OS for everything, ranging from adapted wind energy stations, to TVs.

Unfortunately, the store where Apple products are sold has shut their doors for good. Many Apple computers has been flooding stores where used computers are sold. Over 200 abandon stores dedicated for selling apple products has been converted to arcades, investment branches, and mouseries. The market for iPhones has been failing daily because, Android has been flooding this village. Almost all of these villagers enforce ban of Apple products.

Recently, our dream world has also supported Huawei as a top alternative to Apple,–after Android has been discovered.

Many police forces in our dream world are currently cracking down on Apple products being smuggled to this village. This is necessary to keep Apple at bay. Over 200,000 iPhones has been modified to use Android, and many citizens were forced to stop doing business with Apple. This powerful move that encourages our dream world to choose Android. That caused spies to lose their targets.

Many of these governing agencies in our dream world has mandated a law to block Apple, and their associated websites from public internet hubs, stores, libraries, public transit services, etc. If you were an owner of an Apple device, you may need to pay mandatory taxes because, this ban is ran by our dream world’s government. If your iPhone goes out, and there’s no way to get it restored, it will need to be recycled. Androids can be a replacement for your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device.

Since apple products has produced over 200,000 tons of electronic waste in our dream world; that caused our dream world over $200,000,000,000 to clean up. Thanks to our dream world’s efforts of banning Apple.


There’s no Apple product ever used in our dream world today. This powerful ban against Apple has saved our dream world over 200,000,000,000 each year.
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