Why On Earth I Was Riding Roxanne Piggyback In my 2004 Dream?

Okay, I’ve rememberred riding Roxanne piggyback in my dream in the 2004… on November. It was a major dream what I’ve remembered for many years, and my dream like this has result me to create something new. However; a mystery about why I was riding this character piggyback in my dream is finally solved, and I’ll tell you a story about this dream what I have years ago. Within this story; you won’t forget a story about how did I managed to ditch the gas company for a renewable fuel company.

This is my mostly memorized dream what I’ve remembered. And my dream is iconic within my childhood. And this dream what I remembered has gave me an idea to create my very own character who is a fairy. However; let’s go through this story about why I was riding Roxanne piggyback without actually knowing it:

The Starting Point Of My Dream

Although; in 2004; months after I lost my vision, I kept developing new things in my imagination. Fortunately, I can still write, and listen to movies via a real world. Well, before Direct TV was installed in my former apartment in NyC; my dreams begin to change. It started off with fairies and angels fighting over me. And there was a big poof that shook the entire dream world. All of the other fairies has tried to stop the fight, but many of these angels has faultered, causing them to weaken.

The fairies won, but damage has been done! I was shrunk as a size of a dwarf or infant. Fortunately, I was riding on these large pink poodles… a current one what I was riding has a head of a girl, and a body of a poodle. Only 2 of these fairies,Cosmo and Wanda… these characters what I’ve rememberred before I lost my vision has tracked these following changes as my dream begin to change. Well, most of my dreams are designed to change each day, and explore new concepts. However; my dream always update older tech as a way to help prevent electronic waste from building up. Usually, my dream can still keep track what I’ve done via a real world. However; these changes has been recorded as a way to keep track of these dreams what I’ve got earlier.

Our dream world is celebrating a “phase out natural gas” holiday as a way to help prevent climate change. Each person ride any animal of choice as I ride pink poodles what I’ve chosen. During the phase out of natural gas; people switch to propane as a way to help reduce natural gas usage and remove underground gas pipes as a way to help save our planet. These utility trucks are collecting old pipes to be recycled to help this town reroute natural gas pipes to a powerful power plant as a way to generate more energy to power the city. Other gas pipes that are underground were left intact for years to come.

However; the scare begins as my house begin to explode as a set of fairies and angels who were fighting has caused a larger explosion as I try to ride my large pink poodle down the street to get my gas line to shut off. Then other houses begin to explode. The another house that is owned by my oldest classmate Luise explodes. Luise contacts the workers to shut off the gas supply, but the workers didn’t answer. The explosion has caused me riding my pink poodle to be pushed to the early morning dark blue sky.
The explosion has caused this expensive mansion to be damaged by flying debris. Villagers tried to shut off the master supply, but the supply is locked under a key of utility workers.

This explosion can be heard from miles away via other towns who were about to help contain the blast.

Fairy dust caused the sky to light up like a lit sky, and this town is swarming with fairy dust.

Thankfully, angels has flown out, and fairies begin to win the war. They must fight for our dream world’s independence to be independent,–like their own country. Like winning a civil war; this village has won the right to believe in fairies over other beliefs.

When the explosion has been reduced, smoke was everywhere, and flames were being put out. Fortunately, villagers has evacuated early because, they used trams to cart villagers from this damaged village to the backup village.

However; I’m still falling down, and there’s no way for me to stop the constant falling action.

Roxanne Arrives With A Poof!

As the fairy dust lifted; I was now riding Roxanne piggyback, and she is wearing a white blouse with a matching white skirt,–just like a puppet nurse within a Silent Hill franchise. Well, she has large white fairy wings, and she is taller than me. I have to hang on tight as I ride her piggyback because, there’s no way for me to operate machines as I ride her. I was turned back to a small child! She is coming down the stairs, after a powerful poof and a war between angels and fairies. Maybe we’re inside this palace where upcoming fairy-believers are housed. However; Roxanne is wearing white cloth slippers because, she has to be silent as possible. Fortunately, she saved me from a major free fall… after my house exploded. And I was right!! Believing in Jesus is such a bad thing to do. Although; Cosmo and Wanda has described what I’m actually doing, according to Wanda, I was riding Roxanne piggyback. Cosmo has to adjust his camera to record data within my dream. However; Roxanne didn’t say a thing at this moment because, she is on a mission to relocate me from a house that exploded… to a newer home that is stable. Maybe the gas furnace exploded, or the water heater exploded. I was left unscaved.


Wanda: How we’re going to get him a new home in this village? He has a faulty gas supply that caused his home to explode. I felt bad for this person because, a gas company hasn’t replaced these gas pipes for heat Cosmo.

Cosmo: We have to fly alongside him and Roxanne! I tried to speak to her, but she is busy at this moment. We have to find these other villagers to help him get a replacement house.

Wanda: You are right Cosmo! He needs a replacement house as a way to stay warm, and dodge elements outdoors. I’m not sure if Roxanne is a nurse, or she has dressed up like a fairy. However; that blind person’s nurse isn’t able to be reached, and he has no mobile device to contact help to report an explosion. I believe he was born in a family who is spending money incorrectly, and be involved in violence.

Cosmo: Unfortunately, all churches has closed until 2040 because, child cruelty was linked to these families who hid violent acts. And this guy has the right to leave lord, and Jesus. Fortunately, he will leave lord behind indeffinitly. These rules what we currently must be reformed, or abolished.

Wanda: Let’s enable Roxanne to figure this out, maybe she will speak to him.

Cosmo: I’ll keep track with this camera, and that’s my job to do.

Wanda: Let’s split up, I’ll meet you at the another palace.

Cosmo and Wanda poof away as I continued riding Roxanne piggyback, finding a replacement house that will replace my current one that just exploded. However; all of the other fairies has been trying to prevent other fairies from discriminating African-Americans in this village. This long fight between these fairies has caused this village to wake up with chaos. Untold; over 200,000 fairies has blocked people who believe in Jesus from coming into this village. Thankfully, Roxanne uses her fairy wings to fly in the sky as safety for me. One angry angel with a whip attempts to slam and flog Roxanne, but Roxanne uses her powerful magic wand to stun this angry angel who has hatred towards people who abandoned lord. Roxanne’s magic wand blasts a rainbow beam to jolt this crook. Her whip falls into the furnace containing 22 tons of melted metal at the recycling facility. Roxanne flies higher to evade enemies. One pastor is trying to signal these angels to stop the cruel act towards people who were believing in fairies. Unfortunately, these angry angels who were chasing me are out of control. Many villagers scramble to evacuate from a licensed camp for religious groups chosen by this village.

I can hear Daisy and Donald running from a bus stop, making refuge with an underground subway. Thankfully, the angry angel has picked someone else on her own size… the another angel who is flying to the another queendom. This angry angel who was chasing me in my dream uses household objects to hit the opposing angel with anger, but the other angel dodges it, all of the other angels were shocked because, I was in this country where I have freedom of beliefs… the USA.

Fortunately, Roxanne is able to find a suitable house for me, and it was being donated. It’s a large mansion! Reaching this home requires landing, and it requires me to enter these car-free streets.

This rain of terror… because of these angry angels has lasted up to 4 long hours, damage has been done… 100 villagers were hurt, and 4 of these angels who were rogue angels has been evicted from this village.


Roxanne: Stay remain mounted deary, these fallen angels has gone mad because, you were being directed to becoming a fairy-believer. As soon as we reach this new house, we can take cover. Looks like your upcoming tea party has been canceled.

Me: What’s going on here?

Roxanne: There was an incident, and these fallen angels has taken revenge against you with an unlawful manner. Christian terrorism has caused this village to lose revenue. Most likely, you were been illegally raised as a Catholic or Christian,–frowned upon by this village. If I were you; believe in fairies immediately. The lord doesn’t help you get your vision restored, only modern medicine does.

Within my dream, I continued to ride Roxanne piggyback as a way to reach my new house, and find ways to resettle in this dream world. Fortunately, none of my items are damaged, and my equipment is intact. these fire crews has put out the flames. And they discovered a serious issue, a gas furnace was accidentally connected to a standard natural gas recepticle! It was connected to a propane recepticle; that should’ve reduced a risk of explosions. This furnace was left unchecked for many years. However; other Disney characters in my dream like this has encountered a powerful explosion, and our dream world has to sue the gas company for $500,000,000 per damaged property. Fortunately, the gas company has been sued, and our dream world has banned use of natural gas completely, and switched to propane as an alternative to natural gas.

As I discovered I was finally deployed to my new house, I can able to get my independence back. I still needed to ride Roxanne piggyback. According to Cosmo; Roxanne has to strategically inspect this house to varify if this home is connected to a service that is free of natural gas. Well, I felt safe riding Roxanne piggyback because, she became my only security blanket. I can hear other Disney characters talking about my favorite house that exploded, and a faulty gas line what I was using. Gas explosions do occur in our real world.

Despite my age; my dream still has a childhood format… that means; no sexualized themes, and no erotica. Anyway, the mystery about why I was riding Roxanne piggyback in my dream isn’t just a critical event, there are other factors that are associated with my dream:

Being shrunk as a size of an infant or dwarf without warning can cause you to make it difficult to do tasks like working on machines like desktop computers, servers, and even cooking on ranges. However; in my dream I’m aren’t able to reach common items on my working table. If I want to work on my notebook as I ride Roxanne piggyback; I must dictate words to type as Roxanne works on a machine for me. Or in some cases; working elevator buttons to choose a floor. However; my dream that rewound me back to a small child is a result of my vision loss. Fortunately, I’ve managed to go forward. However; I can hear my previous allies, Ms Mary via an elementary school where I used to go to. And she is currently supplying me pastries to eat. Unfortunately, all of my pastries need to be replaced because, an explosion has ripped through my freezer.

Thankfully, Roxanne has done her job in my dream!

Why I Was Riding Roxanne Piggyback

Although; this is why I was riding her piggyback:

  • I shrunk indefinitely, and with my vision loss, there’s no way for me to navigate safely. All of these nurses has been overwelmed by my size, and my vision loss. Over 200 nurses has tried ways to relocate me to a correct spot. High levels of bullying in my family is a known issue in the real world.
  • Although; Roxanne developed a kind heart in my dream. She wanted me to be safe, and go anywhere with my independence. However; she has taken these issues very seriously. However; within a movie what I’ve watched in our real world years ago; Roxanne isn’t actually a nurse! However; within my dream… it’s hard to figure out if she’s a nurse.
  • No other fairy available to fly with. When a person loses vision; a person must ride a fairy. However; Roxanne became a fairy of some sort, but my dream has to deal with all of the expensive rendering of these fictional characters what I’ve encountered on TV, or in theaters,–or books.

However; a mystery of why did my house explode, until they found the critical source that caused my home to explode:

There was a faulty gas valve that is designed to shut off when there’s a serious leak. The mechanical valve that is designed to cut the gas supply was left disconnected from power source. A battery is found dead. And many of these gas customers has shut off gas services as a way to prevent explosions. But these valves has already did their job. This natural gas explosion can be a nightmare in our real world. The underground gas lines are currently being removed from our village.

Here’s how a mechanical gas cut off valve works: The valve is operated by a central station where it shuts off all gas supplies to residential homes. If customers reported a leak; the traffic is rerouted, and the valve activates a motor to seal the valve to prevent gas from traveling. When the leak is stopped. Utility workers inspect and replace gas pipes as a way to enforce safe usage of natural gas. Usually, utility workers install propane tanks, and inhibiters to reduce natural gas usage, enabling restaurants to use gas to cook foods with a mass format with chefs who cook with gas.

If customers detected a leak, they report it to utility workers, or emergency services, and evacuate homes to enable service workers to fix the problem.


This explosion has left 25,000 homes without gas service, 1028 people without homes, and 400,000 cattle dead. This explosion has also caused 200,000,000,000 in damages. Many restaurants has switched to propane as a way to reduce costs of running their services each day. Fortunately, nobody is hurt, but only 200 utility workers are in critical condition.

Measures Applied

Today, in our dream world, measures has been applied to help prevent future explosions by banning use of natural gas for residential use, natural gas service is now obsolete, and alternatives to natural gas has been installed to help combat climate change, and wind energy is installed. Over 25,000 electric ranges has been donated to needy villagers who are upgrading to electric ranges for cooking.

Reconstruction has caused this town to reshape their community as a way to eliminate natural gas from their village. A gas company is successfully sued, and this village has finally established a new way to prevent disasters in the future.

New laws has been made to regulate use of natural gas services like requiring residents to obtain mandatory licenses via a licensing firm. A natural gas license costs $4000/Year with a $400 tax to supports to cut use of fossil fuels by 75%. The gas company’s call center should never be left unstaffed for 8 hours. Every citizen must perform an evacuation drill as utility workers shut off the entire gas supply. Gas-free towns has been implemented to keep use of natural gas for business use like restaurants, bars, and power generation.

New insurance companies has been established to help with victims of gas explosions.


Roxanne resembles a puppet nurse from a game, Silent Hill, but she has no parasite on her back. She holds a magic wand on her left hand.

I was shrunk back to a child, almost like a dwarf, but smaller.
As Roxanne gives me a piggyback ride, she prompted me to hang on… so I won’t fall down.

As Roxanne walks down the stairway; she enters the main area of a palace that is intentionally modified to give it an underground format… but this format has caused heating and cooling costs to go down.

Roxanne is using a British accent, but she is using American English… as an oppose to British English.

Her hair is 1/16 longer.

Unfortunately, my dream always change each day, but this dream what I have each night is unique during these days.
Despite so many nurses, Roxanne is the only one isn’t armed with a shart object what puppet nurses use to attack players within Silent Hill. She holds a magic wand because, she is prompting me to leave Christianity, and believe in fairies immediately.

She isn’t wearing shoes with high heels because, my dream doesn’t have this capability… instead, she wears white slippers with rainbow glitter to keep herself quiet as she navigates in this palace.

As I take a closer look of Roxanne within my dream when riding her piggyback, her head is larger by 5%. As I upscale her height in my dream; she is at least 10 or 15 feet tall, but it’s hard to tell how tall she is.

Fairy wings has been added to convert her into a large fairy.

This dream what I had is an modified version of Sleeping Beauty via a book what I used to read.

A gas company in my dream is a parody of BP. Although; a public gas valve that can be shut off in bulk is only found in some cities, but not available for general public. If you discovered your home has a gas leak, you can always contact your gas company for guidence. Most home has a valve or switch to shut off gas. in the real world; gas companies can be sued for flaws with their system, or other serious factors.

This town in my dream is a car-free neighborhood, only buses, emergency vehicles, and streetcars can go through.

Despite Roxanne’s act of kindness within my dream what I had in 2004; if your house explodes; that can be a total loss in the real world.

As I take a closer look of a movie cassette; it has a title that doesn’t correspond with a title of a movie.

This dream what I had is almost a parody of a disaster movie!

Cosmo and Wanda are Nicktoons characters via a show; Fairly Oddparents.

Also, all nurses are puppet nurses.

Fallen angels resemble terrorists. Maybe they’re fighting over me as fairies take up this village,–driving Christianity out of this peaceful village.

The dream what I had is a union-based nation.


Despite Roxanne’s vision; she is wearing glasses that are circular, but she can see just fine. Maybe she obtained them as one of these nurses dropped them someplace.

Roxanne is wearing a diamond necklace with a large diamond charm that hangs from it.

She can hover, her legs move slowly.

My hands were fused to a position that prevents me from falling down. However; I can still control her, and speak to her.

Her hair felt like a sponge.

Wanda is holding a video-recording device to capture my dream, and she is describing everything what she see. Maybe she has a warm heart because, I lost my vision in the real world. She developed a kind heart because, my eye surgery has gone wrong.

I am wearing yellow and black shoes… a pair of shoes what I’m wearing almost resemble tennis shoes what I wear for running. It has a logo that almost resemble Nike!

My feet and legs can easily control Roxanne as I ride her piggyback in my dream.

I’m wearing a blue shirt with a pair of yellow pants.

A magic wand what Roxanne is holding her a gold star, and a black shaft.

All puppet nurses look just like Roxanne!

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