Houses Compilation: A House With An Electronic Sliding Door… TransParant House With Metal Structure And Brick… Large House In A Camping Village… And More!

Some of us has dreamed of owning houses, but in the real world… houses are expensive, and they’re not cheap at all! But some people has tried ways to save money on their other stuff. It’s important to keep up with your finances, and taxes within your country.


A Toy House

This is my earliest dream what I ever had since I was really young.

I was doing a reality check to varify if I’m in a dream world. All of the lights are turned off because, but the window still have light shining through. Maybe the outdoor lamps are strong enough to light up the streets.

I discovered a staircase that takes me to the main entrance of this house that is kind of like a same house what I looked in a book. It is a dream world, but I was asleep without any trouble.

This dream what I had has first matched a book what I was reading since years ago.


A House With An Electric Sliding Door

This house has a magic knob with 2 buttons. This house is in a camp because, this family who care about our world has been stopping abuse and neglect for many years! They forced a new law to put an end to spanking, deprivation, and other forms of abuse. That caused this town to reduce all of the crime rate by 77%. That means; this town will be safer for people who were trying to make our world better. They’re already stopped bigotry, and they’ve already stopped xenophobia from happening.

As I operate the magic knob, the wodden door started to open! There’s some light inside, but there’s no sign of the owner who lives there. As I press the another button, it closes the door.

Maybe the owner who lives there has trouble opening the door, I did found the problem, and I have to let her know what the problem is. Someday, she will invite me for a sleepover in this camp!


Watching TV At This House After Being Deployed To Camp

There was a lady who is teaching me how to work the remote that goes to the big TV. I remembered what does a remote look like. These controls on the remote are not in braille, but this remote is an experimental version that uses raised-symbols as a way to save costs.

Maybe this lady has decided to care for me because, my mother has legal troubles. But what I just discovered… is a VCR that is specially built because, this camp don’t allow DVDs,–due to a ritualized way of watching movies, but all laptops are excempt from this restriction. They don’t support DRM, nor support copy-protection.

This is a shortest dream what I had!

An Apartment Building That Used To Be An Apartment Building… And Now A House

I was riding this poodle, and I was doing a live electrical work. This work what I was doing is a tandum work with a poodle what I was riding, she is kind of friendly, and she has an ability to do the same trick what I was doing!

However; none of us fought over a live electrical setup of the power ports on the walls. This home was strategically turned into a fully-functional house like a real house. Maybe the apartment building was converted into a house by the rich.

This is my shortest dream too! But this home what I was in was a parody of a 555 building located on Amboy street… well, I used to live there, but only for 2 years.


Clear House With A strong Structure

This house may look like it came from some fictional movies. But this house can enable you to have a full view of the neighborhood via land.

I was on my way to a fairy-based community to get started with believing in fairies… this community is far from where I was at.


Giant House With Lots Of Rooms

This house what I was in has lots of rooms, and it’s kind of like a mansion. This house is so large, I can able to navigate on tables, and navigate to any room that is available. However; this house may be populated, but this house is owned by the rich who bought this home,–after they successfully stopped bigotry.

This is my long dream all right, but this dream what I had is an iconic dream what I had for a long time.


A House Full Of Fairies

This house is a fancy house that is restored to the original form. This house has been rewired to enable new features to work.

This house was in a camp for a long time because, this house resides in a suburban neighborhood that converted into a historic camp that will last for a long time.

These villagers like other people because, they’re trying to reshape our socieity, and stop corruption, and make our world better!

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