From The Dream Vault: Riding A Fairy wearing A Purple Skirt With An Attached Poofy Shirt With Zipper.

This is a fairy what I’ll never forget in my dream. This fairy has shiny pink wings, and she is totally a real fairy to me. It takes place at night, but it takes place at an extremely mountainous location where mountains were intentionally built to dim the skies, and implement trees at the higher elevation to reduce pollution.

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Inflating and Riding A Large Rubber Ducky

This dream takes place in an apartment where I’m currently living in. I was proud to unbox my all new inflatable large rubber ducky to ride on,–as a way to turn my living room into an arcade, and make my apartment look unique. However; my apartment is dim, and I can virtually enjoy myself making new videos on my website, and writing blog posts like a blogger who writes a large journal.

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From The Dream Vault: A Dream that Speaks To Me – Who’s Speaking As i Take A bath?

This is my memorable childhood dreams what I have since 1997; and it was based-on a same place where I used to live. Like an apartment in Miller Avenue in Brooklyn, New York… ehowever; this dream what I have is kind of funny, and I’ll tell you a story about this dream what I have since years ago.

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Within My Dream: Sitting Down and Ordering Pizza At Pizza Hut

I had a dream about ordering pizza at Pizza Hut in Nicodemus, KS. Comparing it to a real version in the real world, Pizza Hut is in Hill City, KS; and other towns. What I’ve liked about my favorite franchise is their customer service, and good pizza to eat. However; in my dream, their restaurant is larger, and they have epic employees who were skilled, and always interacting with other customers of any color, race, gender, or type. If I can get my calculations correct within my dream, they’ve strategically built this restaurant next to the Missionary Baptist Church close to the Nicodemus Villa. And they’ve also implemented a second level of this restaurant where more customers can sit down and eat. They’ve also implemented a green roof to help cut carbon, and grow vegetables, and reduce heating and cooling bills.

This restaurant can hold over 400 customers when full, or it can handle multiple orders at once with a larger kitchen with 2 times the amount of pizza ovens what they’ve installed.

However, my favorite franchise, Pizza Hut has developed a new strategy to run their restaurant 24/7, and serve people meals who work overnight, and supported Sierra Club, APH, EFF, Creative Commons, and PBS.

My thoughts with this dream of my favorite franchise… is kind of like being a supporter who likes pizza, and why I like Pizza Hut because, when I first had my apartment in Salina, I ordered my first pizza there, and I kept ordering pizza on a special basis. I usually order pizza when my home resources via food go down, or save on energy when cooking food on a range or oven.

The large restaurant has these following features; and these following features can range from a large eating area, and a large kitchen where chefs work.

I wished there’s a Pizza Hut restaurant in Nicodemus, KS because, that will enable people to order pizza in their own town, without needing to travel that far.

Something has gone foul: A TV Show What I’ve Watched Was Mirrored In My Dream!

There was a woman who owns a house has a large TV that sits on a ground. Well, in my dream, it may look like an ordinary TV show what you watch in the real world, but in our dream world; a TV show may be awkward, but you can still see what you’ve previously watched years ago.

I was holding a remote to go to each channel to find a show to watch.

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A Dream Hero: Fairy Protects Me From Falling Into Subway Tracks!

Close call! This mansion has been built over a subway system where running trains are active. I was minding my own business, riding a toy poodle that is build on a large pedestal that can bare the weight of a 275-lb. person. I was enjoying my fun as I ride this toy. All of the other fairies has been working with me for some time,–after I lost my vision since June, 2004; I remember what objects look like. Thanks to my memories for a long time… I can easily picture what these objects look like.

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From The Dream Vault: The Fairy Village

This is a dream what I had since 2007; this village is kind of like a real version of a fairy-based community. This community has been running since the 1900s. However; it has a major upgrade with a retro look, it has a car-free environment, and it has a strategically redesigned structure, and it has a strategically protected community that prevent terrorism from spreading.

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From the Dream Vault: A Town With A Strict Renewable Fuel Requirement & Use Of Wind Energy… But Coal Oil & Gas Is strictly illegal!

This is a town what I’ve dreamed of since 2006! This town was a car-free town of some sort. And this is a first town where they outlawed coal, oil, and natural gas altogether. They only allow renewable fuel and wind energy. They’ve allso implemented movements to put out mine fires. These villagers has successfully won against government corruption. And they’ve also drained flooded cities to restore populations of villagers who used to live in this town. A controversial construction of a dam has been successfully blocked to protect the villagers’ only home. Since this village has been saved by activists… that caused some big energy companies to go bankrupt, and enable newer energy companies to rely on waterfalls to generate power.

This village has been pressuring the government to do the same by unflooding flooded cities, and encouraging people to build dams elsewhere for generating power.

This powerful effort of activism has caused the US government to change forever, and that caused many of the towns around the world to be unflooded too.

The bonus:

They’ve constructed a newly functional subway system that is a powerfull independent service that relies on collecting recyclable items as fares to support this subway. They don’t start off with loans… they rely on strategically saved money to start this project, and expand it to other towns that are unflooded. That caused government corruption to be reduced by 44%; but this is a minor goal, but they’re fighting for the next fight.

People who protected the mountains has planted trees, and built artificial mountains to block the sun, and they’ve also integrated buildings that are designed to be high in the sky! But these windmills has been generating power for this village up to 10 years, and counting.

Many women who protected the mountains has caused all of the coal-mining companies to go out of business. High business debts has targeted the coal industry by 77%; and that caused wind and renewable energy industries to grow big via a strategic plan.

Untold; oil pipelines has been auctioned by tax auctions in this village. And this village has been winning lots of battles.

Environmental groups has expanded by 200%. And the polluting industries has been closing their doors with a rapid rate!

This village has been promoting ways to cool our planet down for years. Saving the ice caps each day. Over $400,000,000,000 has been strategically spent to save our planet.

That’s right! Over 2000 oil, coal, and gas businesses are in debt in this village. And thanks to the big bank in this village who actually cares about our planet… the bank has caused these polluting giants to fail like a fuse in a failing power plant.

Native tribes has been restored, new food has been discovered, and new trees has been planted to remove a dairy farm that was under a tax lien up to $99,000,000,000.00. And the grazing field has been converted into a crop farm that is now integrated with a restored forest.

A Fairy Introduces Me A Ride-On Mouse… Based-on My Writing Category

This is the another arcade where I was finding a game to play. But I always decided to ride on any of these kiddy rides that are bigger than they used to be since a few years ago!

A fairy did the right move when I wanted to find me ride to entertain myself as I wait for a game to be open for me. Most fairies have their jobs to grant wishes within my dream, but they did remember how I got inspired by these kiddy rides.

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